How to settle a car accident privately?

  • 2 months   ago

Car accidents are crucial when someone hits a person and causes injury. Then both of the parties should file a report and take help from the insurance company. Privately settling something means not going to the insurance company.

However, if the accident is minor and it gives no significant damage to any person or property, then you can try to skip the elaborate legal issues and solve it privately among yourselves. 

But remember to save the proof that you have solved the problem in private. Always abide by the law and do not step aside from justice. Because sometimes, the loss solely is yours even if you are not the victim.

So let's know how to settle a car accident privately to avoid extra hassles.

How to settle a car accident privately?

As we have mentioned before, if the problem is minor, you can skip the insurance coverage and solve it by yourself. For example, you have rear-ended someone's car with a little tap or both the vehicle collided and left a little dent.

In this case, it is easier to solve it on your own. But how much the loss has happened, you cannot say by just seeing it. So, verify it from a mechanic if there is any critical issue that happened underneath the dent or bump.

The process to handle the case in private

If you are both agreed to finish the dispute in private, you should consider the following points just to avoid any future problems or losses.

a. Exchange contact number

When you are in dispute with the other driver, always exchange phone number, address, license number and car number plate, model everything. Save that info in case you need to inform the insurance company.

b. Have the proof of the damage

Sometimes for taking advantage, the other driver may issue complaints against you with the problems you have not caused at all. To avoid this, take pictures of the dented place of the car from different angles with number plates. So that when any case is formed, you can stand on your point and there are fewer chances of cheating and betrayal.

c. Police report

If there is any property damage, you need to file for a police report. It only happens when property damage exceeds a certain amount of money. In your state, maybe there is no rule for that kind of report, but it is worth to inform them about your problem.

If the case is minor and police do not respond to your information, then that is out of your hands. But it is worth the shot.

d. Check from more than one mechanic

Do not check the damaged vehicle's status from only one mechanic. Check and recheck because nearby mechanical shop may or may not be able to find the depth of the problem of your car. And roaming from one to another may help you know the actual estimated cost of the damage which will affect the insurance company.

e. Keep receipt

Always keep receipt of your bills and statement paper from the other party. It could be money, statement or conversation, etc. the money transaction of the bank to bank receipt, paid or unpaid- keep a record of everything that comes to way while dealing with the matter.

There could letter or text messages or emails about the money negotiation. You need to arrange and submit the detailed paper to the court or legal authority if the case is formed in the courtroom.

f. Legal agreement paper

You should get the help of the legal documents about your negotiation and settlement because normal bills and receipts can be denied but not the legal papers. In a legal paper regarding Airdrie car accidents, there are 3 elements to be added and considered-

1. Offer: the offer you make to settle the matter in private.

2. Acceptance: if the other party is ready to settle the matter, then there has to be a sign both the party is acknowledging the statement to be true.

3. Consideration: there may be a negotiation about the amount of money or alternative resolution such as repairing the damaged property. That should be clarified in the paper.

But the victim party has to take chances here. For example, you are facing a problem for that accident in the future after around one week. But informing the insurance duration is 2-3 days after the accident.

You may have made a report about that, but it is not the same as filing complaints. So, the insurance company, in this case, will not help you with the car expanse.




This type of resolution in accident and settlements requires expert suggestions about the question of whether to file the complaint. But if you are confident enough about the fact that this is a minor accident with a little scratch or dent on the car's skin, then you can resolve the dispute without any elaborate legal process.