How to Cancel Qatar Residence Visa and Process Exit Permit

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How to Cancel Qatar Residence Visa and Process Exit Permit
Are you leaving Qatar for good? If you are a Residence Permit holder, it is very important for you to cancel your residency status and close all your existing accounts before leavng.
You also will be advised to pay off fines or debts you may have during your stay in the country.
Ensuring that everything is cleared before leaving the country will spare you from further delays and having a bad record on the immigration system.
Cancellation of Visa
Based on Article 7 of Law No. 21 of 2015, the law states that " The Foreign National Laborer or the Recruiter must notify the competent Authorities each time the Foreign National leaves the country, prior to his leaving by at least three days"
This means that expats, workers or employees need to ask permission from their 'recruiter' ( employer, head of household, or host  who recruits them) before leaving the country. Once permitted you need to process the cancellation of visa or as what they have on Qatar an Exit Permit.
Process of Exit Permit
The processing of exit permits is a paperless now. One can apply for a permit through the Ministry of Interior (MOI)’s e-services portal or Metrash2 mobile app. The government’s Hukoomi portal is also integrated to provide the service. The expats have to fill their and their company’s details in the “Leave Application” form which is how exit permit is called. You can also track the status of application in the same page of the portal. In any case, the status of application, whether approved or rejected, will be intimated to the applicant through SMS within three days. You only need to keep a screenshot of the approved application, but taking a printout is always ideal. 
Alternately, you can do it in the old-fashioned way, by filling a form and submitting it at the General Directorate for Borders Passports and Expatriates Affairs.
There are two types of exit permit, Single and Multiple. Multiple exit permit is valid for one year and one can use this to leave country more than once within that period without approaching their employers for permission each time. This has a fee of QR500. Single exit permit has a validity of seven days and holder has to leave the country within that period. 
The law stipulates that you have to give the employer three days advance notice to process exit permit. The employers can also approve the exit application electronically through the MOI portal, Metrash2 mobile app or Hukoomi. If it is rejected, the applicant can approach the newly established Exit Permit Grievance Committee for a resolution and the Committee is required to decide on it in three days. 
The January amendment has also made an explicit provision for the working expat to quit the job and permanently leave the country before the end of the contract, after notifying the employer. If you are mulling on leaving the country, you have one more task to do, cancelling your residency permit. 
Residency permit or Qatar ID is the cornerstone of an expat’s life in Qatar. To cancel this permit, you have to clear all the dues first. 
The process of cancelling residency permit is also automated and can be done through MOI e-services portal or Metrash2 mobile app. You can also file an application form with MOI Services Centers. The approval of the sponsor is mandatory for the process. QR 20 is the cancellation fee for personal sponsorship and QR 50 for Company sponsorship.