Everything you need to know about Public Hygiene Law in Qatar

  • 2 years   ago
Everything you need to know about Public Hygiene Law in Qatar

Qatar as a country has turned out to be totally committed to giving the best conceivable norms of cleanliness in the general population circle. So as to accomplish this, the pertinent Qatari experts have a Public Hygiene Law to attempt and keep the most flagrant violations of public health and hygiene legislation. As a result, the Public Hygiene Law No. 18, first brought in 2017 has come into full effect from February 2018. 

Heavy fines of up to QR 25000! 

The law ensures harsh punishments for defying the rules, including heavy fines up to QR 25000. The law additionally prescribes jail sentences of up to one year if genuine transgressions of the law are demonstrated. 

The law precludes dumping, surrendering and waste disposal in the open spots, fields, streets, roads, passageways, back roads, walkways, squares, parks, cookout places, shorelines, plot of land, housetop of structures, dividers, overhangs, sky facing windows, hallways, squares, exteriors of homes and structures, parking garages neighboring these structures walkways and different spots, both public and private. 

Littering with drinks or cigarette butts, disposing of papers or nourishment bundling in broad daylight places, throwing things from moving vehicles on the highway, and dirtying beaches with any things of garbage – are some eExamples of minor infringement which will bring about a QR 500 fine. 

What's more, cleaning or spreading floor coverings, blankets or garments on windows or balconies incorporates a fine of QR 500. In any case, it is discovered that you can utilize drying racks to dry garments in the balconies yet hanging garments outside the windows or balconies could face penalties.

The law likewise stipulates a fine of QR 300 on householders or tenants who leave decline sacks or different types of waste before their domiciles, on the streets or out in the open parks or on public land. The washing or cleaning of vehicles in undesignated spaces additionally establishes as an offense under the new law and subject to a QR 300 fine. Very harsh punishments are pertinent on organizations who dump construction or sewage waste in undesignated regions. For these offenses, the law imposes a fine of between QR 5000 - QR 6000. 

Proficient teams of inspectors

Groups of inspectors have been made to ensure the right authorization of the new law and they have been issued with all the important strictures, documentation and implementation powers. Subsequently, they have been encouraged to uphold these forces in the strictest possible fashion, to spot, avoid and report any infringement in all regions and should not just implement the new law in their very own territories. 

Measures to support public awareness with the New Law 

The Ministry has embraced numerous different available resources to make the general pubic more aware of the offenses and punishments. This incorporates the key area of announcement and notice publicizing all through the Qatar transport arrange, paper ads locally and broadly in Arabic, English and other languages used by Qatar’s expanding expatriate workers, residents and guests, local and national radio communicates, and a video campaign highlighting  the changes, which can be appeared to teach those working in many labour camps. The service of Municipality and Environment (MME) has likewise recommended general public to wind up progressively associated with raising expanded familiarity with the Public Hygiene Law.