Citizens of 33 approved countries may apply for Tourist visa in Qatar

  • 3 years   ago

Tourist Visa Through Qatar Airways or Hotels

This visa is granted to visitors through authorized hotels operating in Qatar or sponsoring resident with relationship to the applicant through Qatar Airways. It is valid for one month and non-extendable.


Online Instructions (Through Qatar Airways)

Fill out the required information in the online application form.

Pay appropriate fees if the application is approved.

Print visa.

Offline Instructions (Through Qatar Airways & Hotels)

Download and fill in the paper form, then submit it through the hotel manager or his representative.

Provide a clear copy of the visitor's passport.

Provide original hotel registration document and ID of the applicant (for sponsor verification to the forms submitted through hotels).

Provide copy of a document that proves the relationship, such as birth certificate or any other official document (for forms submitted through Qatar Airways).

Additional Information

The visiting person shall be a relative or in-law of the sponsoring resident in Qatar with first or second category relationship.

Visa holders are not allowed to work in Qatar during their stay.

You can view this authorized hotels.

To cancel the visa, please visit the centers affiliated to the General Directorate of Border Passports and Expatriates Affairs.


Tourist Visas issuance fees are QR100, QR50 for each accompanying person and QR200 as overstay fine per day.

Source: gov