Women's wedding in Qatar - a lavish affair

  • 3 years   ago
Women's wedding in Qatar - a lavish affair

Wedding celebrations in Qatar are different for Women and man, Local women weddings are lavishly organized, with only invite admissions and pretty fancy arrangements. While men's weddings are by and large easygoing and open to normally everybody. 

According to Aisha Al-Ziani from “I Love Qatar” women places more importance to weddings, she turned up with a Qtip on weddings this week.

Addressing Doha News, she clarified that weddings in Qatar are huge and "far from being viewed as simple." She added that in some cases thousands of guests attends the wedding, so the wedding needs to address the needs and standard of the majority of the guests. Wedding lobbies must be sufficiently huge to host such a major number of individuals, and various types of cuisines are served, all to express generosity and welcome individuals that are here to praise the union of the two souls.

In her Qtip, Al-Ziani highlights some things you may not really know about these celebrations: 

1) No phones in the zone 

Amid wedding celebrations, women are not wearing their abayas and hijabs. Al Zianai said that the phones and cameras might be taken away at the passage to the wedding to ensure guests' protection and modesty. 

2) Not always needs to bring gifts 

While setting off to a Qatari wedding, there's no compelling reason to concentrate intensely about what to get for the new couple. The couple getting married are not expecting that the guests should bring them any gifts, and rather will probably show their thankfulness to guests by giving them stuff, Al-Ziani said. 


3) Dress to awe 

Anticipate that the night will be loaded with dance and fashion show fun. Women will be wearing their finest garments, and some may even toss cash at you. This is essentially to commend the lady of the hour and express generosity Al-Ziani added. 

4) No men permitted (aside from the groom) 

Despite the fact that this is an isolated affair and men aren't permitted in the hall, there is one exception: when the groom arrives to take photographs with his better half. Also, that is the point at which you see everybody running around attempting to conceal, Al-Ziani jokes. 

Qataris are well known for their hospitality and a wedding celebration is the ultimate opportunity to honor one another with nonalcoholic beverages, food, sweets, perfume and different gifts. The cost of a Qatari wedding today may exceed 1 million Qatari Riyal and the expense contribution is made by both the bride's and groom's families.