Wireless Speaker Myths

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Wireless Speaker Myths
Wireless Speaker Myths

World has turned into the wireless society and Bluetooth speakers are the cornerstone of it. Bluetooth speakers are must have piece of technology because they are the best way to take your music to day outs, picnics and beach adventures, wireless speaker myths offer a cable-free connection which is convenient but doesn't give up quality sound. Despite of being in the market for quite some time, people still get confused whether to buy the wireless speakers or not due to the several myths regards wireless or Bluetooth speakers. This article will clear your misunderstanding about the speakers.

It Doesn’t Sound As Good As Wired Audio:

As wireless technologies have upgraded over the years, this statement doesn’t remain true. Now, we have amazing Bluetooth/ wireless speakers in the market that sound amazing both indoor and outdoor. You just have to find a right one for you.

Are Bluetooth speakers bad for heath?

 In 2011, World Health Organization publisheda report on radiofrequency electromagnetic fields, saying that they were perhaps harmful to humans. The statement was made because electronics like Bluetooth competent cellphones and headphones tend to produce low radiation via radio frequency (RF). Nevertheless, Bluetooth depend on a RF output that is significantly less powerful than mobile or Wi-Fi signal. It means,it is better to use a wireless headset than keeping your device next to your head when making a call.

Doesn’t Work Outdoors:

Most people complain that wireless or Bluetooth speakers don’t work outdoors as well as they work indoors which is obviously not true. It just depends on the quality of the speakers. There are many wired speakers that don’t work well. You just have to find an appropriate set according to your need.

Wireless speakers are mostly defective:

If wireless speakers are not set properly, they can drop the signals but that doesn’t mean they are defected. By having high-quality speakers and a well-configured wireless network, you should have no troubles with reliability.

You can use wireless speakers anywhere:

Major selling points about wireless speakers are that you will be free from cords and wires but do remember you’re maybe stillbounded to places with easy access to power outlets.Another point to consider is that often wireless signals are prone to affect by the thickness of walls in your home or office. Every place has its unique dimension and hence need a different spot to place the speakers to achieve best possible sound distribution and performance.

Bluetooth Only Works in Small Rooms:

Bluetooth speaker have 3 different types and their range depend on their type. If you have a Bluetooth speaker of class three than it will have a range of less than 10 meters. Bluetooth Class 2 speakers have a range of around or more than 10 meters. On the other hand, speakers of Bluetooth Class 1 have a range of around 100 meters.

You can always have expert opinion:

If you’re still not certain whether wireless or wired is right for your tunes, then you can contact for an in-home consultation. After discovering the options with an audio expert, you can get to know the best optionsfor outstanding audio for your home or office.

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