Why You Should Make a Quick Weekend Getaway to the Waterpark

  • 12 months   ago

Every day, you go to work, doing your best to make a good living for your family. You are proud that you can provide your loved ones all of their needs and most of their wants. 

But embracing the grind can take a toll on your physical and mental health. That's why many experts recommend taking breaks, including family vacations. 

For many people, a vacation is synonymous to spending a week (or two) outside of the country, or at least, outside of the city. But the truth is that you do not have to take long vacations to reap the benefits. In fact, you can already enjoy a few distinct advantages by going on a weekend getaway with your loved ones. 



Why family vacations matter


First things first: Why do you need to take a vacation with your family? 

Family vacations, no matter how long or short, offer a few benefits for both adults and kids: 

Time well spent

You spend most of your day at work. When you arrive home, the kids are either engrossed in schoolwork or just about ready to turn in for bed. 

In short, you rarely get to spend quality time with your loved ones.

Vacations are an opportune time to catch up with one another without having to worry about your responsibilities in the outside world. 

And no matter how long or short your vacation is, time spent with your family will always be time well spent. 

A well-deserved break for everyone

It's not just the adult members of the household who need to take a respite from the daily grind. Your kids, too, will surely appreciate the time off from school work and their chores at home. 

You might not have noticed it, but your kids probably have plenty on their plates, from assignments and projects to their extracurricular activities. 

Your partner will also appreciate momentarily taking a break from running your household. 

Lifelong memories created

Beyond taking a break and relaxing, family vacations are crucial because these allow you to create lifelong memories that everyone will cherish. 

As your kids grow older, they can look back on those moments you spent with them. According to some experts, your children can hold on to these memories upon reaching adulthood, and these can guide them through dark times in their lives. 

Brain development in kids

Although kids spend most of their days learning inside the classroom, some parts of their brains, specifically the play and seeking systems, often go under-stimulated for long stretches of time. 

Going on a family holiday allows the brains of your kids to grow and mature. In turn, when these essential parts of the brain develop properly, your children attain a few key benefits, including focus, goal-directed behaviors, social intelligence, and other cognitive functions. 

Short vs. long vacations

For some people, vacations are all or nothing — they might go on an extended one for the year and then they’re done. For them, vacations should last at least a full week.

However, going on long vacations is like going on a sleeping binge. You might think that sleeping all day long will compensate for the days you went with little to no sleep. But in fact, you may end up doing your body more harm than good compared to getting ample sleep, night in and night out. 

The same goes for vacations. You and your family need frequent breaks from your busy schedules, and that is only possible if you are open to the possibilities of taking short but regular getaways.

Short vacations offer a few advantages over longer ones: 

For starters, there's a sense of urgency. When every minute you spend with your family counts, you become more present and in the moment and less distracted by your phone or your computer. 

Shorter vacations mean a shorter work week. This gives you something to look forward to while you go to the office. Even before you go on an actual trip, you reap the benefit of being re-energized at work. 

When you take a short vacation, you are less stressed with the preparation. Because you will only be gone for the weekend, you do not have to make elaborate plans and arrangements. This means that your focus will be more on your kids and your trip. 

On top of that, short vacations are considerably cheaper. You can probably even afford to take more than one a year. Plus, you can tick off more attractions and places from your must-see list. 

Why go to a waterpark for a quick vacation?

Thinking of going for a family day out in Dubai? Why not schedule a day at the local waterpark? 

A quick trip to the waterpark is easy and uncomplicated. All you have to do is to decide on a date and choose your Laguna Waterpark ticket. After that, all you have to do is pack your bags and head on to the waterpark. 

But apart from that, a trip to the waterpark is an easy choice. For one, you'll find just about any attraction that will appeal to everyone, from mom and dad to toddlers and teens. You can swim, try different slides and other park attractions, or simply lounge by the pool or a cabana.


And because the waterpark is loaded with activities for everyone, you do not have to hassle yourself with making plans, like your itinerary or which activities to do. You can even let the kids plan out your whole day. 

You and your family deserve a break

You spend your day going through the grind at work, not losing sight of your ultimate goal of providing for your family. However, achieving that goal should not compromise your ability to spend quality time with the people who matter most: your family. 

Take a quick weekend break and show your loved ones how much you care for them. After your short getaway, you'll come back happier and reinvigorated, ready to face new challenges. More importantly, you'll be spending time with your family, making new memories that they'll cherish forever.