Why you must have a smart watch

  • 1 year ago
Why you must have a smart watch

Now your wrist watch is not just a watch showing you time alone. It is a smart watch dealing with the aspect of your health and its stability. The uses of a smartwatch or a band are immense in a daily life. This smart device allows you to check messages, receive a call, monitor your pulse & footsteps. This technological advancement has bought ease in our daily life and also setting a trend, it allows a user to save time and look cooler as well.

It helps in:

Scheduling a reminder- People who attend a lot of meetings and have appointments are reminded of the same with just a click on the obile device. Configure a reminder and recieve alert at the sceduled time even if the phone is away or kept on a silient mode. It eliminates the need of checking phone all the time. Even you can get the notification about the mails and messages you are receiving. Few of the smartwatches have features such as accessing the mails or messages within the samrt device. Replying via the ame device is possible via voice commands.


Fitness - You can have track on your fitness such as how many steps you walked throughout the day. Set a measure or target and achieve the same with the help of this smart tracker. You can set goals such as how many calories you need to burn on that day and few watches have technologies which indicates your heart beat rate and many other fitness related aspects.

Note – If you are a type of person who makes a list of things to be bought before going to the grocery store. Smart watch can also help you with this aspect as well, you can make a list of items you'd be purchasing using your watch. Simply record a voice note. This feature also allows you to create a To-Do-List, with just voice input.

Driving – Following traffic rules are a must. While driving you cannot use your mobile, and a sense of urgency to recieve call or respond to a message can be invading. With this smart device you don’t really have to access your mobile to do either of the tasks. You can just have a look at your watch and can decide whether to stop and take the call or respond to the meassage or ignore it :P

Additional Features: Some of the high-end smartwatches help in viewing scores and updates on the smart device. However, a lower-end device will have basic features. If you are just into fitness then you can go for fitness brands like Honor Band 4 and Intelligence Health Bracelet Band M3. It is recommended that you go for the smart watch as there are few options at very cheap price on qt-souq

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