Why Pet Safe Rat Poison is Important to Eliminate House and Garden Mice

  • 2 years   ago
Why Pet Safe Rat Poison is Important to Eliminate House and Garden Mice

Dealing with a rodent in our home or garden is not an easy task. You can easily get rodent trap and rat poison that widely available in the market. This kind of product is claimed to be the most effective way of getting rid of rodent and rat. This may be true as rat and rodent may kill quickly. However, when it comes to rat poison, we have to be careful. 

This kind of product may affect not only to our health but also to our pets as well. In this case, you have to find the best solution that will not cause another problem. We want pet safe rat poison that able to kill the rat effectively but will not affect our health as well as our pets. 

Today we are going to discuss how rat poison can affect our health as well as to our pets. Before we start this discussion, it will be better for us to know how a rat has become a serious threat to our household.


Originate from Asia a rat can adapt and survive in any living condition. This large size rodent occupies almost any space of the globe. This means that you can easily find rats in any country in the world. The only place that you will less likely to find rats is at Antarctica.  Antarctica is known for its harsh environment. This particular part of the globe is not suitable for both human and rats. 

Every city in the world strives to become a rat-free city. However, most of them are fail as getting rid of rats completely is an impossible task. Today we are going to discuss on pet and kids safe rat poison that hopefully able to help to get rid of rats from your house. However, before we go to any detail, it will be better we examine more on how rats life and how to prevent rats to occupy our house.

What You Should Know about Rat

As we mentioned earlier that rats are able to live in almost any living condition. Rats can comfortably live in any buildings, homes, gardens, farm or any other indoor and outdoor space. A particular type of rats will live and make their nest on ground level while other types of rats love to live and nest above the ground like on your ceiling or attics. In fact, there are different types of rats available. However, there are two types of rats that we can easily found live around us. 

Rattus norvegicus or black rat has a pointed nose, a large size of ears and slender body. This type of rat has the overage length between 16 to 24 cm and 150 to 200 in weight. The second type of rate is a brown rat that has smaller ears with a blunt nose and bigger body size when you compare to Rattus norvegicus or black rat. Any types of rats are harmful to our health. They will not only damage our house but also carry many germs that can affect our health. Therefore, it is very crucial to get rid of any rats away from our household.

How to Deal with Rat?

Dealing with rats is not an easy task. Some people merely place some rat poison to kill them. It may be true that rat poison is the easiest way to get rid of rat away from our household.  Once rats eat and ingested rat poison, they indeed will get killed within a few days.  Rat poison is very effective to kill the rat. However, many people are worried that rat poison will affect their pets as well. The fact is that rat poison can hurt and kill our pets too.

If you examine carefully, most rat poison contains an anticoagulant. This is a chemical that works on the blood clotting process. When the animal consumes this chemical substance, the will suffer from severe internal bleeding that can cause death. This anticoagulant substance is not only worked on rodent but also for human as well as to our pets like dogs, cats and another wild animal that ingested this chemical substance. Other chemical substances that often use for rat poison are zink, cholecalciferol, and, bromethalin. All this rat poison is dangerous for your pets. If you love your pets and you want to kill rats, you have to find pet-friendly rat poison.

Pet Safe Rat Poison

We all agree that rat and mouse is a dangerous rodent that will not only destroy our house but also carry different types of germ that affect our health. In this case, we need to find a pet safe mouse poison. In this case, you have to try homemade rat poison. This kind of rat poison is made from various ingredients available at our kitchen. This Homemade Pet Safe Rat Poison is not only effective to kill the rat but also allow you to have a peaceful mind knowing that no one will get hurt for your homemade rat poison. 

Homemade rat poison can be made from boric acid. This kid-safe rat poison can be made by following this action:

  • Put on your glove and start to mix a glass of water, a cup of baking soda and a cup of sugar. Blend and stir well. The purpose of adding sugar is to attract the mouse while baking soda is to kill the mouse. You can replace sugar with chocolate if you want.

  • Now place your homemade rat poison on jar lids.

  • Place the lids jar on the area where you believe rat use to pass by.

  • Keep it there overnight and see if any rat was eaten your poison. You can add more homemade poison as rat tends to come back to the same spot.

  • After few days watch out for death rat. 

Rat poison is one of the best ways to kill the rat. In this case, we need to find the best kids and pet safe rat poison that will not only kill rats effectively but at the same time also able to protect your pets and kids from a harmful substance.