Why People Avoid Going to the Dentist

  • 10 months   ago
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A lot of people fear going to the dentist despite the benefits that come with the visit. In most instances, it is just a blind notion that the process is associated with pain and discomfort. That is why doing your due diligence is needed before you decide to work with a dentist. As much as the dentist might be experienced, you’ll want to work with someone who will go out of their way to ensure that you’re comfortable. This is particularly important if you have a family with young children as they’re supposed to visit the dentist more frequently. There are a couple of reasons why a lot of people fear or avoid going to the dentist and we’re going to highlight some of them in this article.


Cost is always going to be a big consideration in any decision making process. There will be costs associated with dental visits. Most dental treatments are not included in health insurance plans. This could mean that you might have to go out of pocket if you don’t have dedicated dental insurance. According to statistics, 44% of people don't seek dental services because they don't have the necessary insurance. If you’re concerned about your overall health, paying for dental care shouldn’t be that much of a problem since you’ll be benefiting in the long run.


Going for any kind of treatment can lead to anxiety. You don’t know what to expect. Is it going to be painful? How long will it take? Such questions are likely to linger in your mind and you might find yourself postponing the appointment every time it nears. There are some things you could do to get rid of the anxiety. One of them will involve reaching out to the dentist and explain your predicament. A good dentist will make sure you’re comfortable during the treatment. That is why it is important to do research before getting a dentist so as to take care of the anxiety.

Fear of Dental Work

Even if is just a normal dental checkup, there is a fear that it could lead to something else which you might not have anticipated. A patient might have thought it was going to be a routine cleaning only to be told there is a treatment for a certain condition that will be needed. This could send someone into panic mode. Avoidance is a strong human emotion and will become obvious when it comes to dental treatment.

Too Busy

There are people who are too busy that they even forget dental appointments which should never be the case. Even if you’re too busy, you should never forget to brush twice a day and floss. You can check out waterflosserguide if you’re looking to try out new flossing products on the market.

Bad Memories

You might have bad memories because of your previous dentist. This will make it hard to even go for appointments because you’re afraid that the same thing will repeat itself. The fear might have stemmed out of childhood. That is why it is important that you’re looking for a good dentist that will make your children comfortable with the treatment and the checkup.

Fear of Being Lectured

No one likes to be lectured. It might have been a while since you visited a dentist and you’re afraid of being scorned by the medical practitioner. This shouldn’t be the reason why you don’t see a dentist as you might be postponing seeking treatment when you’re suffering from a serious condition. A good dentist will not lecture you on what you’ve been doing wrong. Instead, they will be supportive and offer a solution to the problem.

Getting a Good Dentist


Most of the mentioned reasons can be avoided if you get a good dentist. This could be a challenging endeavor, especially if you don’t know what you’re looking for. An experienced dentist will ensure that you’re comfortable when you go to their offices. The staff is friendly and you’re not likely to experience any discomfort during the treatment or checkup. Ideally, the dentist should be available even for emergency situations. They should also offer education on the best practices when it comes to oral hygiene.

To sum it up, you should never skip dental visits. Most dental problems can be avoided if they’re detected early. For children, the checkups should be more than twice than a year since their teeth are still growing and will need to be monitored.