Why is Ukraine the best choice for outsourcing your project?

  • 2 weeks   ago
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Creating a web-site, a PWA or a native app is without any doubts something that makes different projects and their logistics more efficient and helps to decrease human mistakes, saves time and money. However, huge budgets needed for development, not to mention maintaining an average web-platform sometimes cool down clients’ ambitions.

If you want to tighten the purse strings, you should consider outsourcing. But what is outsourcing and how it can help you? Let us explain! Let’s say there are some commercial firms A and B. Both firms have older web-sites with dated interfaces and are rapidly losing their customers.

Both companies want to update their web-platforms and also to expand them, creating mobile applications for their customers. Let us also assume that in order to get both projects done each company needs 5 developers. The firm A’s HR hires 5 devs, creates some kind of a dev-department and after all the crew is gathered the work starts. Their rivals - firm B. however have chosen different tactics: they keep dealing only with commerce, while hiring a web-developing IT company that already has a professional and coordinated crew.

Due to the fact they weren’t looking for each developer separately, but found them all at once the firm B’s web-site was updated faster. In addition, they’ve probably done many projects before, which makes them a more effective team! So, the firm B won the first round, they already have a better web-page and a working native app, which has already brought some profit to the company B. And while company A is in the homestretch with their project, company B starts to pay only for their web-site’s and app’s upkeep.

They haven’t purchased any additional hardware, which is going to need additional office space and crew. Everything is being done by the partner. Web-platforms’ upkeep is less expensive than their development, so the firm B is already winning in terms of timing and expenses!


Finally, A-team finishes up their project. What’s next? Those guys now will be dealing with the maintenance. Nevertheless, you don’t need all 5 developers for maintaining the web-site and the app. Four, three, perhaps?

So you have two employees, whom you don’t need permanently, although you have to pay them. Company B wins the second round and provides us with a simple conclusion: outsourcing is better. But what is the best place to outsource your web-project? What should the perfect country for outsourcing look like? Well, it should be well-educated, but not expensive, it should have a suitable geographical position and time zone! There is an impressive list of decent countries for outsourcing, but we suggest Ukraine.

A huge Eastern European nation with nearly quarter million employees in IT, humble GDP PPP per capita (about 3600$) is the best possible choice. Ukraine’s IT industry multiplies by 2 every 3 years. Its contribution to the nation’s GDP grew more than 5 times since 2012.

Advantageous geographical position near the EU with only 1 hour of difference with the EU and 2 hours of difference with the UK is a great advantage. Ukraine isn’t a part of the EU, however its citizens don’t need visas to travel there, which is a great advantage.

Though it is not famous for having many English speakers within its realm Ukraine still has more than 80% of its IT industry speaking fluent English with this percentage increasing yearly. Jobs in IT are the most attractive among Ukrainians, engaging all the brightest nation’s minds into this sphere.

High literacy rate of 99.97% shows that the education level is decent. No wonder Ukraine has one of the best software developers worldwide: Ukraine’s programmers take 11th overall position among all the countries in the world, taking leading positions in developing security protocols and web-development. 

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