Why Is Timber Flooring Melbourne Important For Housing Projects?

  • 1 month ago

The biggest query everyone encounters while selecting any flooring for the home is to either pick hardwood or carpeting. You must be thinking about the benefits of timber flooring Melbourne. What the flooring specialists say to the purchaser is that there are so many advantages of timber flooring over carpet flooring and also Quality Discount Timber Melbourne to attract potential buyers. If you are thinking of making your property either residential or hot selling one, timber flooring is the best option. 

Traditional hardwood cannot be installed in any room. Advanced engineering allows you to install hardwood flooring in every room now. With popularity over time, there are many advantages of timber flooring. It is now in high demand and maybe it’s the time for you to switch to timber flooring from carpet flooring. 


When we talk about traditional or engineered hardwood flooring, the looks of real-wood has a big benefit over the carpet. The neutral look of wood floors allows a large number of options. When decorating the room with carpet floors, you get only limited. You can't change the color of your carpet and this prevents you from decorating your room in much better form. With wood even if the color does not match with the idea, you have the option of re-sanding and changing the color or adding a rug in the area. 


One of the reasons why people choose carpet over hardwood is due to the cost. Hardwood floor costs nearly $13 per square feet whereas carpet flooring is between $3 - $6 per square feet. The cost of hardwood is higher as compared to the price of the carpet. Hardwood floors however enhance the value of your home. There is an advantage that you earn higher than the difference back between the installation cost of hardwood and carpet when you sell the home. 

Comfort And Sell Value

Many people don't understand the function of an insulator. The traditional and engineered wood flooring sustains better heat than any other flooring. Even if you miss the softness of the carpet then you can plan a rug on top of the hardwood. The traditional and engineered flooring is most appealing. The Homes which have installed hardwood flooring sell faster than any other homes. 


Hardwood floors are easy to maintain comparatively. A minor spill or accident can damage the carpet, while hardwood spills can be easily cleaned. For carpet, regular vacuum and brushing are needed but for hardwood, you can easily sweep and wipe. You need not worry to hire someone to clean it. Hardwood lasts longer than carpet. It has a longer life expectancy than the carpet. It can be replaced or repaired more quickly than other floors. Carpets can wear out or get damaged even from a small spill, you have to replace the entire carpet which does not fit with any financial sense. Unlike carpet, you can re-sand and refinish wood multiple times. 



For people who are prone to allergy should prevent carpet flooring. It is said to be a magnet for allergies. With timber flooring, you can maintain and clean the floor easily. You can just sweep or vacuum the wood boards on a regular basis. Carpets breed around germs. Liquid spills can sink into the carpet. These spills can trap between fibers without notice. This is what allows bacteria to grow and germs to flourish. With hardwood, there are no such issues. And it is not difficult to see the dirt and water. Even with any skills you can clean it easily. You can just dry it or use a disinfectant wipe to remove the germs.