Why DO the ITIL Foundation Certification?

  • 8 months   ago
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Organizations all over the world are adopting the time-based ITIL framework. And this has led the ITIL Certification to become a top-most choice of the IT service professionals today.

The enormous career opportunities have attracted IT service professionals to pursue ITIL Certification. The benefits of having an ITIL Foundation Certificate are numerous. 


However, before answering your specific question, let us just go through the definition of ITIL quickly. 


What is ITIL?

The ‘Information Technology Infrastructure Library’ [ITIL] is a series of processes for refining and improving an IT service lifecycle. It helps to enhance the strengths and capacities of business groups, processes and individuals, ensuring that when changes to technology or business practices leave them vulnerable, they can adapt easily and remain on top of the competition.


ITIL gives direction to a company and professionals to utilize IT as a tool to encourage business change, transformation, and development. The goal is to improve efficiency and achieve predictable service levels throughout the IT service management process.


Who are ITIL Professionals?

ITIL Professional is an expert in IT service development processes who continuously shapes the service strategies, IT service infrastructures and also prepares for further changes.This in turn ultimately helps to foster sustainable productivity for businesses and create a better, more consistent experience for clients. We all work on computers but many of us do not even know the basic computer facts. Learning things for the sake of gaining knowledge and spreading awareness is important. Learning should not be for the sake of getting a job only. Though getting a good job is important as we all have to earn for our living.  


Following are the levels of ITIL Certifications:

ITIL Foundation

ITIL Practitioner

ITIL Immediate

ITIL Expert

ITIL Master


ITIL Certification Training Course: Is It For You?

ITIL Certification Courses can be taken by the following professionals- 

Professionals working in a business sector but planning to move a company providing IT services. 

IT service management professionals who are willing to upgrade their skills.  

Mid-level & senior-level IT professionals.

IT consultants.

Why DO the ITIL Foundation Certification first?

In order to become an ITIL Certified Professional, you have to acquire the first level of ITIL certification. You cannot move to expert or master level in the first place. 

For you, it is not necessary to gain a full Master’s certification, though this is definitely a highly-regarded achievement. The certifications are acquired step-by-step via foundation, practitioner and intermediate modules which will qualify candidates to take exams and move onto higher levels of ITIL Certifications.


The ITIL 4 Foundation Certification

It is an upgraded version of ITIL v3 Foundation Citification. 

The ITIL 4 Foundation Certification easily helps the IT service professionals to look at IT service management through an end-to-end operating model. And this is for the creation, delivery and continuous advancement of technology-enabled products and services in manifolds. 


The ITIL 4 Foundation Certification helps:

Professionals who need a basic understanding of the ITIL framework.

Professionals who want to know how ITIL can be used to enhance IT service management.

For those IT professionals who are working within an organization that has adopted the ITIL framework.

Surprisingly, the ITIL 4 Foundation Certification can and does benefit anyone who has an interest in the IT service management system.


Exam and Certification Procedure: 

The ITIL 4 Foundation Certification exam is a closed book exam and it lasts for 60 minutes.

Number of questions: 40

Format of questions: Objective Test Questions.

Minimum Score: 65% ( 26 out of 40 questions)

If a candidate is taking the exam in a non-native or working language, they may be awarded 25% extra time ( 75 minutes )


The ITIL 4 Foundation Certification Course will leave the candidates with the following understanding:

A holistic approach to the facilitation of co-creation of value with clients in the form of products and services.

The main guiding principles of ITIL 4 Foundation Certification.

The main 4 dimensions of IT Service Management.

The major concepts from Lean, Agile, DevOps, and how these are important to deliver business value in today’s competitive environment.


To sum it up.

Who does not want to grow in their respective professional fields today?

The business world is changing day-by-day. The technological advancement has made a data incredibility important for the organizations and customers as well. Getting ahead from your business competitors is what everyone striving for. 

As an IT professional, you too cannot afford to remain static in your work profile. If you wish to get promoted and hefty salary packages then you have to have those industry demanded certification credentials at anyhow. 

Many ITIL 4 Foundation Certification Training Centers are available today for you to pass the exam in the very first attempt. It is just that you need to choose any of the qualitative training institutes nearby your place. 

Thousands of professionals have taken the ITIL 4 Foundation Certificate and changed their professional life. They are in high demand because of the rapid change in the IT technology processes.