What You Should Know About Medicare Supplement Plan B

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There are a lot of concerns about Medicare Supplement Plans for 2020and the coverage which it provides. It is a program that is confusing, leaving a lot of senior citizens wondering about their health care and the services which they are covered for. While you might not be in the know how your Original Medicare Part A and B are not in a position to pay all the health expenses that you encounter. 



It is good to know that, there are various categories that are not covered by the original Medicare which might just leave you vulnerable, paying massive hospital bills. You have no control over the escalating costs of health care but you have a choice on ways to cushion yourself from leaving your savingsto account drained.  One of the ways you can do this is by purchasing a Medigap insurance plan.  It is a policy which fills the gaps left by the Original Medicare 

Medicare Plan B

It is one of the Medigap insurance plans which is different from the other 10 plans available. It is a basic plan which will leave you with more coverage gaps. This is due to the fact that, it provides minimum coverage, but it is quite affordable when it comes to paying its premiums. Plan B might be an excellent way to have additional support without having to pay larger premiums. 

It will cover basic expenses such as Part B Medicare coinsurance and copayment fees. This is a category that all the Medigap plans have. It is not an expense which is massive, but when your copayments have been paid, it will help you in saving some dollars depending on the number of times you visit a doctor. 

The first 3 pints of blood in case of a blood transfusion are also covered by this plan B whether you are an outpatient or inpatient. There are several expenses under part A Medicare which will be sorted out by Plan B. Deductibles will be paid which if you are not on plan B, you could pay out of pocket as an expense. 

The Medicare part A hospital coinsurance of up to 365 days after the expiry of the Medicare will be taken care of.  If you happen to spend a night in the hospital, it definitely is expensive. If you continue staying in the hospital for more days, then the bill might just become massive. But with plan B, those bills will automatically be offset. 

Any hospice care copayments or coinsurance will be taken care of by the plan B Medigap. Though it might be a small fees which you are going to encounter, but with this plan, you will avoid incurring the expense and keeping the money for some other purposes. 

What Plan B Does Not Cover

Before you purchase this plan, you need to know the various things which will not cover like the excess charges and foreign travel emergencies.