What to Look Out for When Buying Elevator Shoes for Men

  • 5 months   ago

It is no longer news that men now wear shoes that make them look taller. The design of these pair of shoes is different from the conventional flat shoes that most people may be used to. What makes shoes from designer Emanuele Briganti more outstanding is the fact people may not know that you are wearing one. 

From the outside, it appears like you are wearing a traditional flat shoe because the added sole is concealed inside the shoe instead of outside, as is common with the high heels shoe worn by most women. 

The benefits of wearing elevator shoes cannot be overstated. These shoes have been known to provide men with confidence and a good fashion sense. Some men who may not feel confident about their height, especially when relating with taller women, may find it highly beneficial to wear height increasing shoes. 

It makes them feel more in control when going out on a date with their crush. But what are those things that you should look out for when buying elevator shoes? We shall be highlighting some key factors to consider before you purchase your elevator shoes.

What should you consider before buying elevator shoes for men?

Before making your purchase of your elevator shoes, it is best to consider some factors, and they include the following:

Trusted Brand

There are different brands of elevator shoes available in the market, but it is paramount to buy from a trusted brand. Emanuele Briganti is a reliable and trusted elevator shoe designer that designs high-quality height increasing shoes. When you are thinking of durability, it is critical to think of a brand that assures you of durable shoes like GuidoMaggi.  


Most people do not know their right shoe size and may end up buying shoes that may be either oversized or too tight for them, especially when they are buying from online stores. You need to know the size of the shoe that fits you so that you can make the right choice when purchasing your elevator shoes. 

If you are buying online, you do not have to worry about testing the shoe to find out if it is your perfect size because an elevator shoe size is the same as your conventional flat shoes. Let us take, for example, that you are wearing a size 40 flat shoe; then, a size 40 elevator shoe may be best for you as well.

Material quality

You can tell a high-quality shoe by close observation. How each part of the shoe was joined together may give you an insight into the shoe quality. GuidoMaggi elevator shoes are made using high-quality materials to ensure that the shoes are durable. These height increasing shoes are hand-made, which means that time and precision were put into the making of GuidoMaggi elevator shoes.


Before buying elevator shoes, you may consider checking out some reviews about elevator shoes and find out which brand of elevator shoes have positive reviews by users. A look at several elevator shoe reviews will tell you that GuidoMaggi elevator shoes are a popular choice by users.

Tips to help you feel more comfortable wearing shoes that make you taller

Select an elevator shoe with a hidden platform built to provide extra support

By buying shoes that make you look taller with a built-in and hidden platform to serve as a mechanism for comfort when working on elevator shoes. With this feature, adjusting from flat shoes to elevator shoes may become much easier. It may be advisable to wear elevator shoes with a slightly wider and thicker heel for extra comfort. Such type of elevator shoe design is preferable when compared to narrow heels. Getting a shoe brand with these features shouldn't be difficult as GuidoMaggi elevator shoes are built to provide comfort. 

Go for shoes that come with a full-length insoles

A 1.5-inch height may need a ½ or ¾ insole length. However, for elevator shoes with about 3 or 4 inches height increase, using this length of insole may feel quite tiring to your feet. What this mean is that it is advisable not to select shoes that have a much larger height increase than what is necessary. If the added height you need is 2 inch, then do not select an elevator shoe of 3 inches. 

GuidoMaggi elevator shoes come in different sizes. Pick the right size that meets your preference and enjoy a world of class and comfort. 

Maintain good posture by standing upright

Discomfort may be felt not because of the type of elevator shoe but as a result of poor posture like shuffling, slouching, etc. Moreover, wearing the right type of elevator shoes, especially those made by GuidoMaggi, may improve your posture and appearance in general.


Following the aforementioned tips may help you to avoid unpleasant issues of discomfort when wearing shoes that make you look taller. Get GuidoMaggi elevator shoes for comfort, style, quality and class.