What to Include in your Staff Handbook

  • 3 years   ago
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Staff Handbook

 A staff handbook helps the company explain policy to employees and states what is expected of them in regards to adhering to the said policy and company regulations.
As well as helping employees adapt to the corporate culture, it helps safeguard the employer from frivolous suits.

So what should in the staff handbook?
• Company brief – This should be a brief history of the company. The philosophy behind the founders and the achievements over time. Thecompany goals and objectives, vision and mission should be detailed as part of the corporate culture.

• Wages and salaries – The remuneration structure should be well explained including dates of pay, how raises are awarded, and criteria for bonuses and any other monetary awards.

• Benefits – These are non-monetary benefits due to the employee for example health insurance, vacation pay, paternity leave, retirement packages and so on. Any other investments that the company makes in the employee, and how to access them, should also be explained for example skills training.

• Work hours – This sets the expected work hours the employee is supposed to fill and how they are spread during the day. Policy on overtime compensation, leave and off days should also be spelt out.

• Attendance – In addition to the work hours, the time employees are expected in should be indicated as well as what amounts to violations of attendance.

• Work place behaviour – Although common sense should dictate expected behavior, this should be also indicated with regards to indiscipline like foul language, fighting, theft and so on.
The employee should be made aware that the list of violation includes anything of harm to him/herself, other employees and the company. Explain that violation of laws of the land also has consequences.

• Smoking, alcohol and substance abuse – Different companies have different policy regarding smoking. Some totally ban within company grounds and some have smoking zones. State which is which.
Generally companies will ban alcohol and substance use during work hours. Explain violation of this and how employees can seek help if they are suffering from addiction.

• Safety regulations - Spell out situations that could put the staff and property in danger, how to avoid these situations and what to do in case they happen.

• Complaints reporting – Sexual harassment, discrimination and any other complaints should have a designated reporting system that ensures employees feel safe when doing the reporting.

• Electronic data –Company policy regarding use of electronic hardware and software should be explained. Use of email, internet connection, social media, and so on should also be stated.
Any other company policy that helps conform to laws and regulations of the land, and how they impact on expected employee-employer relations should be explained.