What is the best grind for French press?

  • 1 year ago
What is the best grind for French press?

The French press way of brewing filter coffee has been greatly reputable lately when people are constantly looking for traditional ways to enjoy their coffee. This way of brewing coffee has been presented in the previous centuries when French traders where experimenting on diverse ways to enjoy their coffee beans.

They were initially trying to boil them in hot water, but they soon realized that this method was not giving any extra flavor to their coffee. After a short period of time they started roasting their coffee beans and gradually grinding them to form a thin powder of coffee that was full of flavor and aromas.

Then the simple device of french press coffee grinder has been introduced. This has been the greatest contribution of French people to the world of coffee since this simple device has been the world standard for brewing coffee for several decades before the electric coffee machines appear on the market.

What is a French press in the first place?

The French press is a rather simple in conception device that consists of metal and plastic parts as well. It is about a cylinder usually made of glass where you can see the inside of the chamber. This is where the ground coffee can be placed.

The cylinder then can be adjusted to a special disk that is impermeable and prevents particles of ground coffee to pass to the final extract. This disk has a special level that can be pressed to the bottom of the cylinder. This is where the brewing procedure finally comes to an end.


The secret here is to slowly add the boiling water to the top of the cylinder and let is slowly energize the ground coffee keeping it wet through the whole procedure. The pressure exerted by the disc can easily filter the coffee and give you the most aromatic experience you ever had. Not to mention that the used ground coffee is concentrated to the bottom of the cylinder and could be easily removed when you need to clean the whole device.

The special grinding gives the French press a predominance over other brewing devices.

The question remains simple. What is the best grinding for a french press coffee grinder machine? This is something that can be answered only if you consider the special conditions that are in place when you brew coffee in this device.

The coffee filter has to be clean and properly placed in position. Then you need to provide extra thin ground coffee to the top of the filter. This ground coffee needs to be grinded to perfection. The best grinders are the burr ones that do not break the coffee beans brutally and create a combustion shock to the whole coffee mass.

The grinding procedure is also important for the revealing of the profound aroma that the coffee beans are hiding inside them. There is a great need in slowly breaking up the beans so that the ground coffee consists of evenly cut particles that can form a unanimous mix, ready to react with the boiling water.

There is a special need in having a cool down process for the beans that are heated up before grinding. The metal blades are better to be removed after the grinding process so that your safety and integrity are ensured through the whole procedure.

Having stated all that, it is obvious that French press requires the best grinding procedures if you want to enjoy all the full flavor of your beloved coffee beans and share the expertise with others that can appreciate the mastery of the coffee drinking.


There is much fun in grinding your own coffee. Much more than that, you can be proud of yourself if you enjoy your ground coffee by using the French press machine. You can have it with you all the time since it doesn’t need any external power source and prepare the most aromatic coffee ever tasted.

Most of the modern coffee shops are equipped with such devices so that you can always enjoy the most flavory coffee you can possibly have. The French press gives you immediate access to the ground coffee of your choice and you can always be in charge of the water adding procedure. The slowest the pace the better the result for the final aroma of the coffee.

Ground coffee is better treated in a French press that in any other electric device that you may have tried before. Not to mention that the close touch to the coffee filtering is offering you the chance to admire all the natural flavor of the coffee extract.

Make sure you always get the right ground coffee and use the best French press device available in order to enjoy the full flavor of the coffee beans that you choose.