What is Keysearch?

  • 10 months   ago
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When we live in a world that is constantly growing, It is inevitable to have changes all around us. These changes can happen more often than we think. Even simple things are bound to change somehow and like any other things in the world, the Business realm has also adapted to the modern world. Technology has shaped the world of business in a significant way. With the help of Search Engines, people now have the power to see your company in one click of their fingers. This means that reaching out to your customers is way easier than before. Possible conversions can flood your website when things are properly done but when things are taken for granted, your website can become a forgotten myth that is buried by global competition. This is why optimizing your website is important. SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a business strategy that allows your website to become a front liner in internet searches. Having a visible website makes it a stable source of leads and conversions.


The key to a good website visibility is a reliable SEO technique but what is the key to a stable SEO? Easily, the answer to your Digital Marketing problem is Keysearch. Keysearch a powerful seo tool that can level up your SEO abilities Keysearch provides significant services such as:


Keyword Research

Keysearch offers a wide set of features related to keywords. By searching a seed keyword, Keysearch can bring you hundreds of related results that can also be refined by using Related Keywords, Bing Suggest, Google Suggest, YouTube Suggest and many more. It can also extract keywords from your competitor's URL and provide a limitless source of keywords to choose from. In addition to a list of related keywords, Keysearch allows you to filter your search for a specific country and it can also show you the trends for the past year. Along with it, is a Difficulty checker that allows you to check the difficulty of up to 50 keywords at once. KeySearch utilizes colors to determine difficulty status. For Example:


  • Light blue – Competition is very easy

  • Light green – Competition is fairly easy

  • Green – Competition is easy-moderate

  • Yellow – Competition is moderate

  • Light red – Competition is fairly difficult

  • Red – Competition is very difficult


This basic metric system will help you decide which keywords are to be used for your articles.


Rank Tracking and Competitive Intelligence

Rank tracking helps you monitor your ranking fast and easy as it comes automatically with your keyword search. It helps you check the stability of different articles and even track the progress of your own. This is a more advanced module compared to going into Google every day or week to see how your chosen keywords are tracking. This also helps you to track which keywords are effective and which are not. It also provides an email notification system that will notify you as soon as there is a change in your search engine ranking for a given keyword. Aside from that, Keysearch also offers features such as Explore and Competitive Analysis. These features grants you search results for certain backlinks, organic keyword rankings and more. This tool also offers a metric called Domain Strength to help you check a website's quality.



Competition Analysis

Having a competitor is unavoidable that's why Keysearch has built a feature that will help in analyzing data to cope up with your competitors. Keysearch can provide an In-depth analysis with just one click. With this feature, you can overtake your competition with a better understanding offered by the tool itself. It also offers a Content Assistant tool which categorizes the specific type of content Google is looking for within the first page results and allows users to maximize rankings for each article.


Apart from the features listed above, Keysearch understands the needs of its users by optimizing their tool as a ready-to-use system. Keysearch is a web-based system that is readily available for use. Being a web-based program eliminates the inconvenience of installing a software in your own computer. Although it packs many features at once, Its UI is designed for a user-friendly and efficient experience for all types of users. Keysearch also comes with regular updates to continuously improve user experience and improve the quality of services offered. Many features tends to overwhelm a user but with Keysearch even a beginner can become a competitive expert.