What is Kaptiwa?

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What is Kaptiwa?

It is said that by 2020, 80% of all the traffic on the internet will go upon on video related contents. Videos will soon dominate the largest part of the internet, being the primary medium of how internet users will gather information. With that said, Users of the internet will demand more of higher quality videos.

Internet Users are choosing more to watch videos online than to do other stuff. Then what great way than to introduce your business online than HD videos. With Kaptiwa, we will provide you with the needs of your online business to grow better on the video platform.

The best Video solution is now at your fingertips. Introducing Kaptiwa, a video-hosting and marketing solution for your business.That will help you in playing unlimited HD Videos without delays or buffering in any sites like e-commerce, Shopify, as well as with your own landing pages for your website.

Its lighter and faster than any other video-hosting sites perfect for your online business. Giving your site visitors a stress free, video prominent site that internet users liked.


Kaptiwa’s prominent features are such:

-Unlimited upload on informative, sales training or any video you want.

-Get more visitor engagement with Kaptiwa’s high speed, HD video services.

-Have unlimited leads from YouTube without the leak of other unrelated videos to your company or your product.

-Kaptiwa offers you free hosting with up to 50GB bandwidth per month.

-Has a complete customization on the video player and all the things you want to see in the video and drag and drop features so you won’t need experts, you can do it on your own.

-Even has precise analytics to see for yourself how your videos are going.

-With free commercial license once you started using the program

-With a complete tutorial just for you.

To highlight one of its features, Kaptiwa will give you Optimizations on your site through your videos better known as SEO for your video. You can add meta titles, description, keywords, and even thumbnail images for higher rankings on any search engines like Google.

So why choose us over other platforms?

Compared to other products, Kaptiwa scored the highest in Google’s performance tracking tool. Giving the best opportunity to show your videos without the hassle that other products give.

Plus other video service sites and platforms does not cater for business like yours. We, at Kaptiwa focuses more on the solutions of your video marketing needs, integrating SEO to your videos without the hassle of ads on your videos or an incredibly expensive monthly subscription. Adding more traffic to your site alone and saving you up to 75% on a monthly subscription and a one-time purchase of $97 that offers you all the features with added more bonuses.

Kaptiwa will soon rise to the top while offering you massive discounts for your business needs. The video is the future of the internet. And with Kaptiwa, your business will surely optimize to its maximum potential. Kaptiwa is the way to go for your HD video needs.