What are the latest version features of wordpress

  • 2 years   ago
What are the latest version features of wordpress

Each time a new version of wordpress rolls out and also we are all excited about getting to play with its new features and then few versions in the past have garnered as much buzz around the world. It was released just a few days ago and it is the first and the only major WordPress release of 2018 with the whole new set of improvements and some big changes. Here we will show how the new WordPress 5.0 and features you should try after updating the sites and here available the Top WordPress Movie Templates to make your site innovative and unique.  

Introducing Gutenberg new block based editor

It actually comes with the total new editor codenamed Gutenberg and is a block based editor which allows users to create some beautiful layouts using valuable content blocks. With the old wordpress editor was a simple text window and it worked well and you had to use different approaches to add images into it and create galleries. 

In this type of wordpress replaces along a streamlined writing experience where each of the content element is wrapped in a right block. One of the more wonderful benefits of using WordPress as blogging or the web site platform of choice is the easy way in which can move right up to the latest and greatest version with it. 


How to increase in ranking

Any site developed from the wordpress needs ranking and since the pages of wordpress are so simple to manage and owner of the site is free to get change the content like most o the time likes. Actually with the likelihood for new and fresh content all the time site will perform better on the search engines. Getting better ranking and promotion that is fantastic. 

Automatic upgrading in Wordpress

You know on the time a complete program on the computer is constantly telling you about you have a new updating. Wordpress is a congenital theme that will take care of updates for you and also without prompting constant interruptions. WordPress development crew has so automated that all the things really required to do is to click on it and rest of the upgrade just sails along on its own, and Best Lawyer Website

The best and simple blogging capabilities

People actually not have to be leading the web development anymore and it is the way to maintain a right blog anymore as well. So there is no need at all to cram through books of HTML languages and code. Due to the pages and themes on their platform are now designed for simple management. It has so many features which makes creating a site or blog so much easier for people who actually not have the skill in developing a site from scratch. 

People need to make sure as getting out if the hosting company has the recent WordPress version and within the global world of computer technology. New edition or the versions are always better due to then contain updated enhancement improves faults.