What Are Some Of The Most Fun Outdoor Games For Kid’s Parties?

  • 10 months   ago
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Kids are fun loving little humans in nature and the idea of throwing them big parties with fun outdoor games especially for birthdays is enough to send them into frenzy. We all know that a kid’s party is never complete without some form of entertainment where they can play and have fun. Nowadays, there are so much fun activities and games for children to enjoy. Also, if you are not in a position to facilitate some of the games or activities, you can seek the services of kid’sparties’ organizers and planners to come through for you.

They are almost everywhere and in Singapore for example; you can hire E Magical Moment entertainment providers for such services.This makes it even easier for you because you get adequate time to plan for other things such as food catering. It is very easy to throw your kids the best parties of their lifetime and all you have to do is learn about several outdoor games ideas and you are good to go. There is a huge list of fun outdoor games that kids can engage in during parties.

Types Of Fun Outdoor Games For Kid’s Parties


The following makes a list of some of the fun outdoor games and activities that children can take part in during parties;

  • Pool Prize Search. This is one of the best outdoor games that kids can take part in while celebrating a birthday party or any other party especially during summer when kids can play with water.It involves hiding a treasured prize inside an inflatable pool then filling it with lots of balls and other toys so that the kids can have a hard time finding it. You can include some rules such as only using their feet to search for the prize or blindfolding.


  • Potato Sack Race. Get sacks from a supply store and decorate them to fit the party theme. Conducting a potato sack race is one way of having the kids entertained. Motivate them by offering prizes for the top winners of the race. Ensure that the race path isn’t steep or dangerous for the kids to prevent them from getting hurt.


  • Outdoor Scavenger Hunt. Nothing could be more fun than engaging kids in an outdoor hunt for marked nature things such as stones and leafs. You can provide them with a list of things they should hunt down and promise prizes for teams or groups that will find the most items. To make the game more exciting and easy, you can provide them with clues.


  • Tug Of Water. This is yet another summer sort-of-outdoor game for the party kids. It involves fixing a sprinkler at central point and then having a rope with a team at both ends. The aim of the game is for each team to try pulling the other near the sprayed water and having them soaked.


  •  Ring Toss. Tossing rings is yet another fun outdoor game for kids that test their accuracy skills. You can try out different distances for tossing the rings.