Ways the best video converter to MP4 works

  • 6 months   ago
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The Uniconverter is a well-known converter that is used by most of the music lovers. For most of them music helps in providing relaxation and when you listen to music in between your work it acts as a refreshment. People think that the productivity of their work increases after listening to the songs. So those who love to listen to music already might know about uniconverter. This is a converter that helps in converting the videos in MP4 format after which you can watch them. The video converter to MP4 will help in converting the videos without losing the quality.

Identifying the issues

There are a lot of problems that you might face while using a video converter which are discussed below.

  • Video playing but no sound effects

While playing the video, you might discover that it is playing but there is no sound. This may be due to an updated sound driver or may be due to a problem with the conversion. You need to first check whether you are using an updated sound driver or not. If you are using an updated sound driver then there is a problem with the conversion.

  • Video playing in a slow motion

When you try to play a video, you might notice that the video is playing in slow motion mode. This might happen due to an outdated video driver or an outdated media player. If the file is corrupted then also you can come across this problem. That is why it is important for you to understand the cause of the problem first. If it is because of the video converter then you can use uniconverter to rectify the problem. "You may also convert your video using online audio converter. it is very easy to use for every one."


How uniconverter is going to help you?

The best video converter will help in converting the videos in the MP4 format. As you know that MP4 is considered to be the universal format that is being used in all the devices. It will help in converting the videos available in any format such as MKV, WebM, AVI, FLV, MOV, etc. The process how one should use uniconverter is explained below.

  • Run the Wondershare Uniconverter

First download, install and then launch the converter in the device. You do not need to pay any amount to download the converter. The process is quite easy and safe.

  • Adding and editing

The files that need to be converted in the MP4 format needs to be added first so that you can convert the files in the MP4 format. To do that you need to first select on the add files button and you can also edit the video as per your wish.

  • Select on MP4 format

Go to Convert All option and then click on the MP4 button so that you can convert all the files that you have selected in the MP4 format.

Advantages of Uniconverter

The advantage of using uniconverter is structured below which will guide you about why you should use uniconverter.

  • Recording a video

This tool also helps in recording a video which you can view in the future. It also provides you an opportunity to store the images which you can see whenever you want. It helps in sharing the video with your friends and family and you can also stream the video in the television set or ROKU device. It also helps in recording video from an offline as well as online platform.

  • Convert numerous videos

The converter is available for free and there is no obstruction in the number of videos that you want to convert. The tool can also help in converting videos in batches where the files are more.


  • Various converting formats

There are a lot options in which you can format the file such as AVI, MOV, MKV, MP3 and MP4. You can do this in whichever format you want to. It will help you in giving an opportunity to view any kind of video that is available in any format. The amazing software has not only helped in converting the videos in the required format but also helped in downloading the videos which you can view any time.

Signing off

When compared to any other video converters such as WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory or Freemake Video Converter, you will discover that uniconverter is the best. This converter is beginner-friendly as well as easy to use. It helps in converting the files quickly while retaining the quality of the video. It can also be used in any operating system and there is no need to pay while using the converter. The most important thing is it is free of any malware. You should definitely use this converter to convert the videos in MP4 format.