Want to Spy on Your Pet Smart Pet Feeders Are the Answer

  • 11 months   ago
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What does your pet do when you’re not home? Does this question ever keep you up at night? Do you ever find chewed cords or cushions? Would you like to know how often your dog climbs on your bed or couch?

Guess what? You can find the answer to all of these questions, simply by watching your pet’s activities while you’re away.

How the Heck Do You Do That?

The obvious choice is a smart home security camera. You can use your mobile device to watch a live feed from anywhere in the world, provided both your phone and the camera have access to the internet.

But we’ll do you one better. Smart pet feeders.

Most smart pet feeders — some of the best actually — include a built-in camera so you can see what your pets are doing when you’re not around. You can watch recorded motion alerts or tap into a live feed at any time.

They’re super useful for pet owners because they include additional features to keep your pet entertained or fed! Smart feeders, for example, will allow you to distribute food or treats to your pets on command. You can either set them up to distribute food on a schedule, or do it manually by dispensing food from your mobile device. Obviously, you have to fill up a reservoir beforehand, but that’s barely an inconvenience.

Devices like Petzi, Petcube Bites and Furbo allow you to actually play with your pets too. Petcube has a built-in laser toy, like something you’d use to entertain your cats or drive them up the wall, literally.

Why Not Just Get a Security Cam?

Honestly, you could just install a security cam and achieve the same results, at least when it comes to viewing a live feed and checking in on your pets. But smart feeders and treat dispensers tend to be about the same price — from $150 to $250 — and include additional support. Why wouldn’t you just get a smart feeder instead?

The option to feed your pets on a schedule, even when your not home, is worth the price alone. You can also use it to feed and watch your pets when you go on vacation. No more having to board your dogs or have people visit to feed them. They’ll still need to be let out, obviously, unless you also install a smart pet door. Those exist too!

Anyone Can Use a Smart Feeder

With high-tech or “smart” devices, people who don’t have a lot of experience with electronics and tech can run into a few hurdles. Luckily, that’s not the case with smart pet feeders because they’re super easy to set up and use.

The most challenging part will be connecting the device to your local network or WiFi, and then installing a companion app to control the feeder. After that’s done, however, you can sync up with the feeder anytime, from anywhere so long as you have an internet connection available on both ends.

Your pets will definitely appreciate you for grabbing one of these.