Types of visa for Vietnam On Arrival

  • 8 months   ago
Types of visa for Vietnam On Arrival

People love to visit Vietnam for its culture, historical buildings, beautiful beaches, and many others. People need to enter the country if they have valid Vietnam visa. Some countries are exempted from Vietnam visa on arrival but people of most countries need to have a valid visa for entering the country. In this article, we will discuss about different types of visas, which people can avail for entering Vietnam.



Tourist Visa


The most popular visa that people apply for to enter the country is tourist visa. People can apply for this visa and get it easily. Two types of tourist visas are available for Vietnam and these are as follows.

  • 30 days single entry visa
  • 30 days multiple entry visa

People can also apply for a business visa of three months if they plan to stay in the country for more time and visit its different parts. Price for different types of tourist visas is different.

Extension of Tourist Visa

People can extend the tourist visa only once and that too for thirty days. People will be able to save some money but people may face difficulty if they go and apply on their own. If people need to extend the visa without any difficulty, they have to spend some extra money and extend the visa with the help of tour agency. Extending the visa is easy in big cities.

Re-entry Visa

There can be a situation when a traveler has a single entry visa but he wants to go to another country and come back to Vietnam again. In such a case, the traveler must have re-entry visa. The traveler has to arrange for this visa before he leaves Vietnam for another country. If he does not do so, he has to apply for a new visa and go through all the process. The traveler needs to contact a travel agent to complete the procedure and get a re-entry visa for him.

Business Visa

People who want to work in Vietnam have to apply for business visa. The validity of this visa is three months to six months. People can get this visa easily but price s different from the tourist visa. Business visa cannot be considered as work permit. If people want to work in the country, they need to apply for work permit.

Student Visa

If a person has got admission in any school in Vietnam, he can apply for student visa. Students can apply for this visa after they have entered the country. The entry can be made with the help of tourist visa. The next step is to enroll in a program of study. After that, he can change the status of the visa. Students should take the help of a travel agency so that they can help them to change the status of the visa.

Transit Visa

The duration for this type of visa is five days and people who need this visa must have a tour guide. Along with this, the group should also have a guarantee from the tour agency who is responsible for organizing the tour.

Diplomatic and Official Visa

This visa is given to the government officials and the people who are on the trip of diplomatic business. The applicant need not pay any fee for this visa. But he needs to submit an official letter, which he has to get from an agency of local government, embassies, or any other accredited organizations.

Wrapping Up

These are the types of visas, which people can apply for to get entry into Vietnam. Some of these visas are for short duration while some are for long duration. The price of each visa is different.