Tricks about wall decor you wish you knew before

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Wall decoration is the first idea that comes to mind when you are going to renovate your home. Wall art adds life to the whole room because blanks walls look boring. Many people believe that it costs very much, but the truth is that you don’t need to spend very much to make an attractive look for your room. Choose from a variety of wall decor ideas that is available online or offline. Always keep in mind your current interior decor, we have gathered some of the top wall decor ideas just for you.

Clock Wall Decor Ideas

Clocks are present in every home just think about creativity that a clock provides by adding some style around it. It will definitely provide a unique look to the whole room and wall specifically. Add some photo frames around it also gives you a personal photo gallery. Choose a black and white big clock for a colored wall.

Canvas Wall Art

If you have a large living room and you don't want it to be changed very much, then canvas art brings elegance and attraction in the whole area. With the help of hand paintings, disc holders, hangers, and peelers, you can create a design of your choice. Painting the plates with bright colours make them more eye-catching even if you can’t carve them.

Wall hanging ideas

Wall hanging ideas are the best to redesign any wall or even whole room. It can be made up of wood or clothes. The best thing is that you can prepare it in your home with the basics items present. It could be photo frames or other decor items like wall organizers or anything else.

Wall Shelves


Wall shelves are not only used for the sake of organization of different kinds of stuff, but you can place several decor items as well. Place beautiful table lamps beside the books and decor frame. It is the best way to transform your unused space of the office, bedroom, living room, bathroom, or kitchen. Wall shelves are multipurpose in many aspects.

Artwork in groups


A grid arrangement of décor items in the wall makes a big impact in a simple wall. Sometimes less is more. Black and white photographs look very beautiful in a colored background. It gives a contemporary elegance in current decor. Pairing the artwork grid with a floor lamps really enhances the asthetic appeal of the artwork 

Wall Mouldings


Wall mouldings give your room a finishing look with the number of different textures and designs available in the market. Each type of moulding is designed for a purpose. You can go for decorative mouldings, casings, baseboard styles crown, rail, cove, dentil and many more. Just check out your personal room requirement and bring charm in existing décor.

3D Panels Wall Décor

3D wall decor is one of the latest and most trending art nowadays. Three dimensions art looks more than perfect, especially when you are looking to hide some scars in the wall. You can go for 3d wall art in the whole room, but if you don't have much budget, then you can also select any one focused wall like behind the television.

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Add lighting:


While doing walls renovation, don't forget to add enough lighting in the form of lamps. Spotlighting provides a sense of cosiness in the room. Place a beautiful ceiling lights in the room for the enhancement of wall colour and decor. Even by adding a candle stand at any part of the room brings a soothing environment. 

Mirrors Wall Décor


By placing a mirror, you can create a beautiful wall decor. It will reflect lights in the room and making the area a bit larger as mirrors can create an illusion of space. Wall mirror looks beautiful in the hallway or just above the sofa. Another idea is to add small mirrors in the form of groups, making it a focal point of the full room.

Butterfly Wall Décor


Children love to add butterflies in their room. Choose 3D butterflies and paste it in the main wall of the living room or even kitchen. These beautiful butterflies boost up your mood instantly. Also, these stickers are not limited to walls but also can be blended on closets, doors and fridges etc.  

aplant-filled entryway with extra storage

Wall Hooks


Markets are full of beautiful wall hooks that not only work as a décor item but also play as hanging spots for any essentials like keys, caps coats or any relevant materials. Just make a choice of multi colour hooks and place it on the hallway or behind the main door. The main benefit is that its installation is effortless and cheap. Wall hooks are an essential item for any home or office décor.


There are a lot more choices available for wall décor. This will simply bring overall positive changes and enhance interior décor. You can choose any of the above ideas but don’t forget to add your creativity as well.

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