Top Scientific Challenges to Solve in Your Dissertation

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You have taken the next step in your education and feel that it is a good idea to do a Master’s degree or even a PhD. This is an amazing journey that you are about to embark on. But before you start, you need to know how to write a dissertation. 

Having the format sorted out is one thing, but there are so many aspects of a dissertation that you need to consider if you are to complete your studies successfully. Many students end up throwing in the towel because they did not grasp the amount of effort that it would take to complete the dissertation. 

The research proposal

When you decide to do postgraduate studies, you might have had an idea or a burning question about your field of expertise that you did not find an answer to. 

You might have had an idea on how to improve current practices. Whatever your motivation for wanting to write a master’s dissertation or a doctoral dissertation, you need to put it down on paper first.

No university is going to allow you to conduct your studies, or at least grant you recognition for your studies if you don’t have a research proposal at the ready. 

Depending on what you aim to do in your studies, you need to present and defend your proposal to a panel of experts. You need to explain how you intend to conduct your research and what you aim to achieve from your studies.

Every little aspect of your research is scrutinized and dissected by the panel and if you did your pre-research well, they will give you the green light. On the other hand, they may ask of you to make certain changes before you can start. The bottom line is that if you spend the time to write a proper research proposal, your road ahead might be much easier. 

The ethics committee

Depending on what type of research you intend to do, you might need approval from an ethics committee for you to conduct your fieldwork. Those who intend to do their research on people or live creatures will have to convince the panel that nothing of their research will cause the participants or candidates any undue harm. 

The whole process of how you intend to gather your raw data is of the utmost importance. You need to state your case clearly if you are to get the approval of the committee. 

The social sciences are especially strict in this regard, seeing that research in the past affected the participants and put them in harm’s way. Having their consent is not enough because they might not know the full extent of what they are letting themselves in for. 

The whole research procedure needs to be explained to them and they have to give their consent and be able to walk away for the study without having to finish the course. But once you have your ethics board approval, then you are good to start gathering your data. 

The literature review

Many postgraduate students who attempt their dissertation have been caught unaware by the load of work that the literature review requires. The main problem with the review is that you have to prove that you read far and wide about the research problem. You need to show that you are addressing a gap in the current pool of knowledge. 

If there is an area where any researcher could use a helping hand, it would be the literature review. A dissertation help service will be able to save you hours of work and they might even stumble upon something that you never even though of. The expert writers can also help you with thesis, term papers and other college and university writing work.

There are so many texts to cover and just when you think that you have it all covered, you come across something that you never thought of. The literature review in itself can sometimes cover a book in itself. You might be left wondering how long is a dissertation when you start to collect all your information.



The research problem

When you start writing a thesis, you have a problem in mind that you want to solve. This is all good and well when it is in your head. But when you try and pen it down onto paper, that simple idea of yours takes on a whole different form and you start to realize the complexity of it all. 

In your minds, the problem is easy to define but you soon start to realize that there are so many holes in the idea. In the worst-case scenario, you might stumble across research that has already been done

Nevertheless, the more time you spend on defining the problem, the easier it will be later on to devise plans to solve that problem. 

The technical aspects

Many students fall into the trap of leaving the technical care of their papers for last. If you want to save yourself the frustration and time at the end of your project, do your technical maintenance regularly. 

Take some time during the week and make sure that all your references and styles are correct. Double-check your pages and numbering and make sure that everything is perfect. You are working towards a document that will be published in the end. 


Writing a thesis or dissertation is extremely satisfying if it is done right. If you work consistently, you will be able to complete your studies without too much hassle. It takes a tremendous effort to complete everything, but if you work at it diligently, you will reap the rewards.  

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