Top Natural Solutions to Keep Pests Away

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Top Natural Solutions to Keep Pests Away

Summer is the perfect opportunity to relax in the garden or on your terrace at night, drinking a cold lemonade and enjoying the spectacular view over the city. However, dealing with nasty pests like ants, spiders, mosquitoes, flies or yellow jackets could seriously affect your mood, and even cause allergic reactions if you get bitten. 
And, while there are thousands of insecticides and chemical substances that can get rid of the pest problem once and for all, not all people are keen on using them. Chemicals not only have a strong smell but can also cause health problems, so why not choose some more natural solutions? Here are the easiest ways to put an end to your pest problem and enjoy nature as much as you want. 

Use different plants
Whether you have a generous garden or simply enjoy the fresh air from the comfort of your balcony or terrace, plants are the perfect solution for decorating and getting rid of pests at the same time.
Some plants provide a living barrier to insects and they will also look cool no matter where you plant them. Pennyroyal, peppermint or spearmint don’t only smell nice but they can also be used in the kitchen while keeping ants, aphids, and mosquitoes away. 
Aromatic plants like lavender, savory, garlic, and even sage are also a great choice if you want to deter pests. Not to mention they can be used for cooking while also looking cool in your small garden. 



Vinegar is considered a super product since it has oh, so many uses in the kitchen and around the household. In fact, there are few tasks that vinegar won’t be the solution to and keeping pests away is not one of them.
Simply mix three tablespoons of white vinegar or apple cider vinegar with three tablespoons of water in a spray bottle and apply on the corners of your apartment or home, as well as on the terrace and near the doors. This simple and effective method will keep you away from ants, bees, yellow jackets, and even mosquitoes. Just make sure to reapply constantly as it wears off in time. 

Cayenne pepper

This spice won’t only make your food taste delicious but will also protect your house from insects. You can mix it with vinegar and water or just water in a spray bottle and apply where crumbs linger - in the corners of the kitchen or under the cabinets. 
Cayenne pepper is a powerful 100% natural ingredient that will get rid of ants, ticks, fleas, and other pests. 

Placing salt in the corners of the kitchen or near the doors is known to keep ants and roaches away. But did you know you can also use it to kill flies or scare them away? Salt guns are the perfect tools to work on your aim and remove flies from your terrace or house without using nets or expensive repellents. 
A salt gun is similar to a toy gun and functions similar to all other guns. There is a small container that you can easily fill with finely ground salt to charge the gun. Once it has ammo, all you’ll have to do is aim at the fly or mosquito and shoot. 

Keep the house clean
This isn’t actually a trick but it’s the best way to keep pests from coming unannounced. The kitchen is the favorite spot for almost all pests so you need to make sure it is clean at all times. 
Use a brush or a small handheld vacuum to pick up all crumbles, dirt, dust, and debris from your kitchen counters, table, and chairs. 
With the help of an organic cleaning product (you can search for DIY recipes or go for the universal cleaner and bleacher that is white vinegar) wash the floors at least twice a week. Get well into the corners too as that might be a good hideout for ants, spiders, and roaches.