Top Bitcoin-Based Movies That You Must Watch

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The story of Bitcoin began in late 2009 after the white papers were released under the name of Satoshi Nakamoto , on how Bitcoin, the digital currency should work. To be honest, people were a bit paranoid about this digital currency, however with time Bitcoin has garnered a lot of attention. So much that not just traders but someone else has also started fascinating about it. They are none other than movie directors! Yes, you heard it right. Bitcoin is no more limited to just hardcore trading world. It has now taken the path of creativity and entertainment. 



In fact, in the last few years, so many documentaries and films are released based on Bitcoin. I thought why not rewind a bit and take you down the memory lane on some of the best movies made on Bitcoin till now.

•        The rise and rise of Bitcoin 

The rise and rise of Bitcoin is a documentary that revolves around the events on how Bitcoin became so famous and grabbed so many headlines. In this documentary, it is said that Bitcoin is a social experiment that people are still trying it out and it has yet not reached a high it’s highest potential. In this documentary you will see many real-life Bitcoin traders and people who have supported Bitcoin since it’s early days, talk about the journey of Bitcoin in the last eight years, it’s ups and downs and the reasons for the instability of the cryptocurrency.

•        Life on Bitcoin

“Life on Bitcoin” was again a documentary and also a social experiment of a newlywed couple Austin and Becky. The couples decided to live for 100 days only on Bitcoin, by paying for everything in Bitcoin.

The experiment came in awake of the claims made by many traders and experts that Bitcoin cannot be used in everyday life and debit/credit cards and cash still holds a very important part in everyone’s life.

So, this documentary is a journey of Austin and Becky where they take the challenge of living on Bitcoin!

•        Bitcoin in Uganda 

Most of the movies based on Bitcoin are a social experiment documentary and this movie is no expectation. This documentary revolves around Ronald, a boy in Uganda who receives Bitcoin from his family in the US to support in education. This documentary also sheds light on the fact that how Bitcoin, a decentralized currency can change the life of people in Uganda.

The people of Uganda started using Bitcoin Optimizer as the transaction fee of fiat currency is just too high whereas the digital currency is faster and cheaper to send.

•        Bitcoin in Argentina 

Do you know what is the biggest problem in Argentina? It’s a high inflation rate! The inflation rate of Argentinian Pesos is currently 20 to 25 percent. Argentinian Pesos cannot be a store of value. The situation is tough for the people there as they cannot exchange this currency or Euros or dollars.

This documentary shows how Bitcoin becomes a savior for the people of Argentina. 

•        Bitcoin: The end of money as we know it

It is a 60 minutes documentary directed by Torsten Hoffmann, released in December 2014. It is one of the best Bitcoin documentaries of all time and a must-watch.

This documentary stresses on how Bitcoin can be a big threat to fiat currency and can be the end of it. This documentary interviewed many influential Bitcoin traders and owners of Bitcoin startups.

So, these are the top Bitcoin movies of all time that you must watch.

What do you think about Bitcoin slowly taking over the world of cinema? Please share your thoughts in the comment section.