Top Beginner’s Facebook ad marketing course:

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Facebook is one of the best places to advertise the product or services online. As a beginner, you can easily advertise by using the self-service tools to run the campaign and check its performance. To create a Facebook Ad, you need to first choose what you need to advertise, select the population where you want to advertise, demographics, select the budget, pick the format and place the ad. Later you can measure your Facebook Ads with the help of various tools.
Following are the top beginner’s Facebook ad marketing course:
Facebook blueprint: As a beginner, you can learn about Facebook Ads through Facebook itself. You can do eLearning and explore about Facebook marketing in the Facebook blueprint. The courses are well organized, and you can learn how to grow your business in the simplest way. Facebook blueprint helps how to get started with Facebook Ads, the various buying options, how to generate leads, app promotion, how to increase online and instore sale and how to manage ads and their performance. Facebook blueprint is a free course but for certification, you will need to pay around $150 per exam.
Udemy - The Complete Facebook Ads Course-Beginner to Advanced: This course will help the beginners to master Facebook advertising and grow any business. It helps to learn how to start Facebook Ads business, avoid the most common mistakes that beginner might do, generate leads and reduce Ad cost. This course is offered at a lower price €10.99.
Udemy - Facebook Ads & Facebook Marketing Mastery Guide 2019: Udemy being the powerhouse for learning courses online, it has introduced a Facebook marketing course for beginners to advanced. Through Facebook Ads & Facebook Marketing Mastery Guide 2019, learn how to connect with new audiences, lower ad cost, mastering Facebook ad manager, funnel sales, advanced features in Facebook business manager, multiple posting on various multimedia platforms and Facebook pixel. The price of this course is comparably low €10.99.
LinkedIn Learning - Facebook Course for Beginners: LinkedIn offers the free Facebook course for beginners; wherein various experts teach the deeper insight about Facebook marketing and you will have personalized learning experience. Megan Adam, social media strategist will teach about the basics of Facebook advertising and various tools to promote Facebook advertising. Post finishing this course you can also opt for advanced Facebook Marketing Course 2019, wherein Megan media strategist has helped to grow the various business through Facebook advertising.
Beginners guide to Facebook advertising - Ad Espresso: It gives guidance on how to get started with the Facebook, set up Facebook ad campaigns, create ad images and messages, and helps to manage and review Facebook ads. If you don't have enough money you can opt for Facebook advertising.
Kissmetrics - Facebook Marketing: A Comprehensive Guide for Beginners: It has the most informative guide, wherein you can learn about how to do Facebook marketing, perform targeted advertising, understand different types of Facebook Ads and customize the Ads accordingly.
Conclusion: The above online courses are very useful for the beginners, try to learn and get assistance from Facebook itself and later you can choose the advanced learning option and get guidance from a various professional who teaches online.