Top 9 Girl Skateboarders from Around the World

  • 2 years   ago
Top 9 Girl Skateboarders from Around the World

Skateboarding has become one of the most popular sports all around the world. The surprising fact is that its popularity is not only among the potential athletes but also equally popular among students and working adults. Where men and young boys are enjoying the enthusiastic rides of skateboards, girls are no behind in making the most of their fun-boards. To stun many of you, here is the list of top 9 girl skateboarders from around the world who have successfully explored their potential to ride unstoppably: 

Charlotte Hym, France

Those who think that French ladies only know how to fashion might find it interesting that Charlotte Hym of Paris can ride a skateboard better than many male skateboarders. She has participated in several street league competitions and tournaments and always managed to prove her ability to roll a skateboard like a pro. Charlotte Hym is one of the best French skateboarders and is not afraid of attempting challenges while being on the board! 

Mariah Duran, USA

Mariah Duran is a professional skateboarder who travels all around the world to explore her potential on the board. She belongs to America and is only 21 years old. Currently, Mariah is only a street skateboarder but considering her potential, it won’t take much time for her to prove her abilities in park and vert skateboarding. Solely in 2018, she has participated in 9 street series and managed to secure the first place in three tournaments.

Nora Vasconcellos, USA

Story of Nora Vasconcellos is quite interesting. Depressed and tired of her job, Nora finally quit it in 2012 and travelled to California from Massachusetts by train with her skateboard. This 72 hour ride from one city to another encouraged Nora to pursue a life in skateboarding and be contented. Her passion and endless efforts made her achieve a lot in skateboarding in less than five years. She won a world championship award and reached the ranks of famous Mark Gonzales and Dennis Busenitz. Pushing the limits of skateboarding, Nora Vasconcellos always impresses the audience with her unique style of skating. 

Lacey Baker, USA

Known as ‘The Rebel Queen of Skateboarding’, Lacey Baker is a queer, young California girl who has set new trends of skateboarding. Although she is skating since when she was only 5 years old, her passion for skateboarding began increasing at the age of 11. In 2006, she participated in street competitions in Toronto and Calgary and stood first in both of them. Recently in 2017, Lacey Baker was the only female skateboarder to be nominated in the Best Female action sport athlete category. Baker has also been a part of the famous The Captain and Casey Show in which she was featured performing a couple of tricks. 

Alexis Sablone, USA 

Alexis Sablone is one of the top skate athletes in the world and the first female African-American to choose skateboarding as her career. In 2017, her compassion and endless efforts helped her to become the first African-American lady to medal in X Games. Sablone is commonly referred to as Serena Williams of Skateboarding due to her impressive skating skills and powerful style. She has a very positive attitude towards this sports which enables her to secure first place in almost every competition and league series. 

Leticia Bufoni, Brazil 

Here comes this Brazilian beauty, Leticia Bufoni who began skating at the age of 9. She travelled to California to compete in the X Games when she was only 14 years old. During that trip, she attempted the inward heel flip trick and proved her impressive skills to her father that eventually got her the permission to stay in California and pursue her life in skateboarding. Her unlimited passion for skateboarding led her to win three X Games medals in a single year, 2013. Currently, she is being endorsed by many popular brands such as Red Bull and Nike SB. 

Cara-Beth Burnside, USA

Nicknamed as CB, Cara-Beth Burnside is a pioneer of female professional skateboarding. She has alone won 16 titles that include X Games, Vans Triple Crown, All Girl Skate Jam and the list goes on and on. This year, the World Cup skating also named her as Female Vert Skater because of her impressive skating style and potential. What makes her a true icon for sports loving female is her versatility of being excellent at skateboarding as well as snowboarding. 

Lizzie Armanto, USA

Lizzie Armanto is also one of the most popular American skateboarders who has pursued skateboarding as profession. She began skating with her young brother to have a fun time but eventually ended up as a compassionate pro skater. Her skateboarding journey started in 2007 and in 2010, she proceeded as a successful skater in the world of skateboarding. Lizzie Armanto is a proud holder of around 30 awards and why not be as she is the only female skateboarder who has successfully completed the Loop, a 360 degree ramp. 

Kate Shengeliy, Moscow

Most of the skateboarders make skating look easier and fun but that’s not the case with Kate! She is one of the best professional skateboarders who make skating appear dangerous and risky. She is a talented skater who enjoys performing terrifying tricks and difficult moves. What makes her skating an interesting sight is the way she turns and flips smoothly without taking any pauses or creating any distraction for the viewer. There is no doubt that she has got the skills and potential to roll the two-wheeled ride beautifully. 

There was a time when skateboarding was no more than a fun activity for kids but now the scenario has changed a lot. Skateboarding is now a proper sport and has become a popular athletic activity among men as well as women all around the globe. The above mentioned list of 9 top girl skateboarders prove that young and enthusiastic ladies are finding this sport as interesting and worth time giving as other male professional skateboard athletes.