Top 8 Reasons Why Sqribble Is The Best Ebook Generator

  • 11 months   ago
Top 8 Reasons Why Sqribble Is The Best Ebook Generator

Sqribble is a new eBook generator on a variety of topics of your choice without typing any content. You can create amazing eBooks, reports as quick as 5 mins from its built in content generator or using your own content. In the sections below, you can find the exciting features the new, revolutionary Sqribble brings to you to create eBook and publish it.

1. Easy to use.

  Sqribble is easy to use on your PC, laptops without any installation. Its an online cloud based software to design your eBooks from exiting templates you chose. It provides a guided step by step procedure from choosing your template, adding content. edit, generate and publish your ebook in few minutes.

2. Stunning Designs

  Sqribble has more than 50 built in templates which you can select for your eBook design. These templates are available in 15 popular niche categories. With Sqribble, you can create gorgeous eBooks that are high in quality, professional look and you can sell them for a higher price. A best design can sell for a higher price than a cheap looking one which no body cares.


3. Quick to create eBooks

  With Sqribble, you can design your eBook as quick as 60 seconds. You can create amazing eBooks with click of mouse without type a word for your eBook.

4. Automatic Content Generator.

  Sqribble had automatic content generator in 15 popular niche categories. There are about 1000 instant articles from the built in content generator. You do not have to type a word to create a eBook. You can create a eBook using your own content as well. 

5. Easy to format and create.

   Sqribble can also create a full theme and editable table of contents page. You can edit, order or reformat these contents. Sqribble also automatically creates headers and footers, page numbers which look professional on your eBook. It has a drag and drop technology to drag and drop content on any page. This saves you from coding and designing.

6. Easy to Customize.

  You can chose different font, colors, layouts, color themes with click of button. There are many design elements to add to your content, pages, headlines, images, icons, backgrounds, dividers, links, features, bullet lists and action areas. All these gives you a tremendous capability to create professional looking eBook easy, quick and without spending too much.

8. Increase your audience base.

  Sqribble can help you create engaging content to increase your users or clients. Sqribble can create content that pulls the casual audience attention, engages them with content the audience prefer and helps you turn your audience to take the action intended.

7. License to sell your eBook.

  You own the rights on the eBooks generated on Sqribble. You will have commercial license to sell your eBooks on any platform of your choice.

8. Complete software for end to end eBook publishing.

  Sqribble provides all the necessary tools and technology to design, edit and publish your eBook online, share it with your clients, friends or download it in your laptop or computer. Sqribble provides all these tools under roof and saving you from high costs to perform these steps.