Top 5 Tips to Lower Internet and Cable Bills

  • 7 months   ago
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Internet and cable bills are annoying and nothing ruins your great sunny day than a message from your ISP and cable service regarding your outstanding balance. However, there are some known life hacks that will help you lower down those pesky bills - even just slightly. Alas, here are the best tips to lower down your monthly internet and cable bills.

1. Negotiate with Your Promodiser

If you happen to get your internet and/or cable from a representative or a promodiser, you can issue a deal with them. After all, if they want you as a client, they will do as much as possible to make you a satisfied customer (and they’ll reach their quota too). 

So, for example, they initialize the price of the ISP plan you want. You can ask for them to lower it down or even add in some bundle bonuses. However, this is all easier said than done; the key here is to be confident, concise and certain about your decision. 

You need to have a sort of intimidating aura that will persuade the promodiser to sweeten the deal. If they don’t want to forward your proposal, just say you’ll go to other good ISPs instead that will accept your terms. With the right attitude and the right words, they will agree with you. It takes skill but if you have good speech skills, it will work.

2. Stop Using the Biggest Plan

You should ask yourself, “Do I need 500 Mbps just for myself?” “Can I really watch all 300+ channels in one month?” 

Sometimes, we are just swooned away from how the companies market their services. “ONLY PAY $____ FOR ALL THESE AND MORE!” “BECOME THE BEST. PURCHASE THIS PLAN.” Those kinds of promotions. A lot of times, the biggest plans are more than enough for you to handle. 

What you need to do is track down how much time you spend on the internet or on TV and do an average. Once you have your answer, adjust it to the appropriate plan of the cable provider or ISP that caters to your average time allotment. Call the customer service to lower down your plan.

3. Purchase Your Own Modem

For internet users who are very annoyed with paying for renting the ISP router, you can always just buy your own router. There are tons of those in hardware stores, electronic boutiques, and whichever general goods store. Or better yet, buy one online. 

To know what router you should buy, check the sides or underneath your ISP’s router and jot down the model number. Once you have the router, ask your ISP to take away the rental one. You’ll save $10 to $20 a month.

4. Say No to Upsells

By the time you have your new cable or internet connection, the promodiser or representative will persuade you into buying their premium additional bundles. To that, say no. These guys are professionals at upselling and they won’t quit talking until you say no. Yes, they are very tempting but you’re in charge of what you want - not them. 

5. Remove Premium Channels You Don’t Need

If you are subscribed to a cable bundle, chances are, you have lots of unnecessary channels for you to watch. If your main focus is just FOX, HBO and Food Network, then maybe you can cut away The Travel Channel, TCM, and children’s channels. Are you more on sports and never interested in showbiz? Take out E, TMZ and other Hollywood business-related channels. Maybe only your kids watch or stream TV? Then only keep the kids’ channels and remove the adult ones.

It is very easy to take them out too. Just call your cable operator, tell them which channels you don’t want and they’ll remove them immediately. As such, your monthly bills will significantly reduce. You can save from $2 up to $20 a month.

Browse and Watch Wisely

Remember: companies will always want you to buy a bundle or plan with a lot of junk. Research the plan thoroughly and always check for hidden fees and contracts that you do not want to pay for.