Top 3 Type of AA Flashlights to Buy in 2020

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As you are aware of how important AA flashlights nowadays, this is the reason why these flashlights are available at any store. You can get them in every brick-and-mortar grocery and convenience stores. You can also find the replacement batteries of these flashlights. How amazing is it that when it’s not working, you don’t have to buy a whole new flashlight, just get an extra battery, and you are on the go. With amazing conveyance, you can take them anywhere you want as they are portable and can even fit in your pocket. Most of the customers who buy AA flashlights think that they will not need any replacement, but it is not true because every battery has a lasting limit. After that limit, they stop working and you have to buy a new one or less a separable extra battery. Read more to know the best flashlights available.



Best 3 AA flashlights for 2020


UTORCH UT01 is one of the most affordable AA flashlights. It has almost 450 lumens from 1 AA Eneloop battery. UTORCH UT01 uses simple AA rechargeable batteries. Therefore, it is the brightest one on the list. This flashlight was launched in December 2016, and since then, it has made its mark as one of the most popular flashlights. You can get it in both cool white (CW) and neutral white (NW) emitters.

Some of the essential features of this flashlight are that this comes with max 450 lumens on 1 Eneloop AA battery. It also has a lithium-ion 14500 battery with max 900 lumens. As this flashlight works with AA and unprotected 14500 batteries, they also have a side switch. With 4 standard modes, reversible clip, and hidden strobe, this makes sure to give you the brightest experience of your life. UTORCH UT01 is ultra-bright and comes with a good low output mode.


LUMINTOP EDC05 is one of the latest models of Lumintop. With a pleasant output of 400 lumens on 1 AA battery, LUMINTOP EDC05 is the brightest LED light. It also has a medium-budget segment, which makes it more effective for the buyer. It was launched at the end of 2017 and is available in both cold white and neutral white. With a length of 87mm, this LUMINTOP EDC05 comes with 7 output modes. LUMINTOP EDC05also has a rechargeable battery and has a run time of 1.2 hours.

Some of the essential features of LUMINTOP EDC05 includes its max 400 lumens on 1 Eneloop AA and max 800 lumens on a 14500 cell. This flashlight also comes with a side switch and has multi-chemistry of NiMH and Lithium-Ion. With 4 standard modes and 3 strobe/flash modes, LUMINTOP EDC05 is a must want for everyone.


ZEBRALIGHT SC5W MKII is a premium level AA flashlight of a top manufacturer Zebra light. If you are looking for the brightest AA flashlight, this is a must want for you. Since 2013, Zebralight is giving some of the best and world’s highest output drivers for AA flashlights. ZEBRALIGHT SC5W MKII is Zebralight’s latest model and sports an XP-L2 emitter with 4500K and 83 Cri. This AA flashlight is currently the brightest in the industry.

The main features of this flashlight include the current regulation. Yes, this AA flashlight is currently regulated and comes with 550 lumens on 1 Eneloop AA. ZEBRALIGHT SC5W MKII also has a battery capacity indicator, and in case your battery runs down, it also has automatic step-down. The most amazing thing about this flashlight is its quick access to High, Low Medium, and strobe.


When shopping for a good flashlight, convenience is the essential thing anyone looks for in their flashlights. AA flashlights can easily fit in your pocket. These flashlights come in very different sizes, choose the one which is most suitable for you. If you want to power your LED lights, just stick to well-known and reliable brands.