Top 10 Cyber Stalking Prevention Tips

  • 9 months   ago
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Internet users and prominent business professionals are always scared about stalking activities on the cyber platform. It is all about manipulating user’s cell-phone or display using some malicious technology. In order to prevent such attacks, your security measures should not be limited to the internet world only; rather, some vigilance must also be followed when you are offline.

Below we have highlighted a few prevention tips for cyberstalking:

  1. Don’t make your home address readily available


This rule is vital for all male and female business professionals and individuals. One should not reveal home address to everyone, especially not for business activities. Even if you want to get a private mailbox, prefer to use your office address.


  1. Use secure account passwords


Experts recommend using separate and unique passwords for all accounts, and they should not be revealed to anyone. The credentials for your baking accounts, emails, landlines, cell phones, and credit cards must be difficult to guess for hackers. Also, keep them changing from time to time.


  1. Search your name and number online


It is crucial to run time to time search about your name and phone number on the internet to know if everything associated with you seems genuine over there. The chances are that some cyberstalker has created fraud accounts, blogs or web pages on your name.


  1. Be suspicious when someone enquires your identity information


It is common to receive some unexpected calls asking about your banking details, credit card billing information, utility details, or cell phone related information. Even if they say that they are your service providers, there is no need to provide your private information to them.


  1. Never share your Social Security number


Never ever share your Social Security number until you are sure who is asking it and why they need it. With this, cybercriminals can gain instant access to everything in your personal life.


  1. Use stat counters

In order to secure your social media accounts, websites, and blogs, it is good to use some free registry counters or stat counters. It can help you know who is visiting your platform along with few essential details like the internet service provider, state, city, time, date and IP address.


  1. Check your credit reports


Whether you are an individual or a business professional, it is vital to keep a regular check on your credit reports. Make sure there is no unexpecting entry. Also, it is not good to send copies of your credit reports to third parties for additional safety.


  1. If you are getting separated


It is essential to take some preventive measures when you are separating from your partner, especially if it is a troubled or abusive separation. Prefer to reset all your existing passwords and add new complicated ones that cannot be tracked by others.


  1. Report suspicious activities


Cyberstalkers follow many unexpected ways to contact victims. It is important to stay vigilant about your calls, emails, and messages. If you receive something weird, it is better to report on time.


  1. Take help from professionals


When you feel your system is compromised, it is good to let it get tested by professionals. They may help you to save your precious data and sensitive information.