Tools to Help Children Become Better at Writing

  • 1 month ago

It has been said that kids are sponges when it comes to learning new things. Just by observing the world around them, kids can already pick up so much. Technology, however, has widened the range of input as they learn much more from videos online or different TV shows on cable.

Many parents today rave about how their children’s vocabulary seems to be much wider than theirs before. It is also why kids now can seemingly weave wonderful tales on their own if you ask them about what they are drawing, playing with, or what they have just seen on TV.

The problem with Writing

Despite such abilities to say what they are feeling or imagining inside, things are quite different when you ask them to write. Due to my paper writer reviews both teachers and parents have observed that children’s writing skills don’t seemingly match their verbal storytelling skills.  

Sentences are a lot shorter when they write. They are not able to begin or end properly. And sadly, there are so many grammar and spelling errors.

Top online tools and sites to help with Writing

Fortunately, all is not lost, as there are online tools and sites to help kids overcome this.

#1 StoryBuilder

This is a great app for children who are just learning to put words and phrases together to make a coherent story. Here, children record their answers about a particular image, then the app weaves it all together into a story.

#2 My Kid’s Way

This website houses a collection of English essays and speeches for kids to view. It gives them samples to pattern their answers, and it provides the points-of-view of other children on many relevant topics such as global warming, the role of the internet, and even the death penalty. 

#3 Scholastic News Kids Press Corps

If your child is a bit advanced, it may help for them to read journalistic-style writing made by kids. In Scholastic News Kids Press Corps, news articles about current issues written by tweens (9 to 12 year-olds) can be seen. It’s a great site for budding journalists.

#4 Figment

This is a site for teens to express themselves through the written word. Their essays and short stories can be shared and viewed by others. They can also read the works of other teens, giving them ideas about style and content.

#5 Hemingway Editor

This is a writing tool that can help children and teens with their grammar, spelling, and word flow. Students can type directly or input what they have written so far to check for errors. While very useful for schoolwork, this application becomes more helpful if children are told to remember the grammar corrections and spelling errors made so that these will not be repeated even if they are writing with a pen or pencil.



Although it is good to know that kids are seemingly more communicative speaking-wise, it is also important for them to develop their written skills. Consider the online options above to help your child become better at writing.

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