Tips to Make Your Apartment More Spacious

  • 8 months   ago

Living in a cramped and gloomy house may leave you feeling unhappy and claustrophobic, thus stopping you from putting your best foot forward every time you step out of the house. Sometimes, it's so tempting to just book a room in a luxury hotel and stay there forever. Regardless of how big or small your apartment is, there always seems to be a lack of space when you start unpacking all your things from your move, or when you accumulate things over the years. The space in your house may seem fixed and rigid, but arranging certain pieces of furniture around and making some tweaks to your current house can effectively create more room for you and your family. If you are unable to afford a bigger house, or simply just want to make your house feel brighter and airier, follow these simple tips below to effectively open up your unit and change the entire vibe of your home!


1. Incorporate Mirrors


As many of you may have heard before, adding mirrors to your home is a tried and tested shack to make your home seem a lot larger than it is. The reflective property of mirrors also helps to shine more light into your home, making your apartment feel a lot brighter and livelier. Moreover, if your unit is facing a river, park or an open view, you can add mirrors on the wall next to your windows to see the reflections of the water, trees, and skylines in your home. It adds a nice touch of color and nature to your house and helps to liven the mood.


2. Have the Right Balance of Furniture

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Even though you may think otherwise, apartments look bigger when it is furnished than when it is unfurnished. Hence, if you want to create more room in your apartment, do not try removing furniture as it will create a relatively flat look to your home. Add some dynamics to your unit by rearranging furniture around until you are satisfied. Be mindful to maintain the right balance of furniture to go for a more spacious layout and feel.

3. Have More Storage Areas

This goes without saying — having excessive clutter lying around your house will not only restrict movement around the house, but it will also cause your apartment to feel congested and small. Adding more storage areas like cabinets at the base of your staircase and shelves in your bedroom will help you reorganize your things and keep the mess out of sight, and out of mind; thus helping your apartment to appear more refined and spacious.

4. Make Use of Your High Ceilings

If your house is blessed with high ceilings, you can create more room by adding a loft space for your bedroom or simply for extra storage. It gives the illusion of a much bigger house and effectively creates a lot more space for you too. Not only that, but it also helps your apartment look a lot more chic and homey, adding greater personality to it.

5. Change up Room Purposes

Just because a room is designed or positioned a certain way does not mean that you have to make use of the space in that way. Convert the walk-in wardrobe into a personal home office, or make your storeroom a little reading corner for yourself. Repurpose these rooms according to your needs and switch things up a little! It not only helps you to maximize the space in your house, but it also adds a little quirkiness to the layout of the house.

6. Hide Clothing that You Don’t Need

If your wardrobe does not allow you to fit your entire clothing collection into the tiny space, think of ways to store them elsewhere. Instead of cramming all of it into the closet and forcing the closet doors to stay shut, try hiding the clothes that you no longer touch (but can’t bear to throw) into storage boxes. One tip is to buy more storage boxes and store your out of season clothes under your bed, or under your bedside tables. You can consider adding a dust ruffle or a nice table cloth to keep the mess out of view too.

7. Organize Your Bathroom

Though bathrooms are probably the last things that you think about, having a more organized bathroom with ample storage space can help to create a very clean and classy look; making them more spacious and aesthetically pleasing as well. A pro tip is to carve out space from your bathroom wall above the sink to create some storage shelves for your health products or makeup, and then adding a flushed-in mirror as the door to the shelves. These cabinets are visually aesthetic and can effectively make room for your essentials.


8. Get an Ottoman for Extra Storage

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Ottomans are incredibly effective for both storage and lounging. Get an ottoman that has good storage space where you can store extra books, pillows, and blankets. A plus point is that it is not in the view of your guests and visitors. Be mindful to get one that fits the overall aesthetic of your house, instead of getting one that is oddly colored and sticks out like a sore thumb. Also, be sure to pick out one that is soft and comfortable enough for you and your guests to sit on!

9. Experiment with Your Lights

Different intensity and tones of your lights can drastically change up the ambiance in your house. By adjusting the lights around your apartment, you can effectively make your house seem a lot more spacious and bright. Large and clean windows play a part in allowing more natural sunlight to enter the room while adding light installations at different heights to play with the angles of the light in the house will make for a more classy feel. 

10. Wall Colors

Choosing a suitable color scheme for the walls in your house according to your apartment can make it look a lot roomier. Adding colors to your walls will help to make the house seem taller and more spacious, and experts recommend sticking to one color scheme while playing with the different shades to add contrast. Furthermore, opting for lighter or pastel colors can help to significantly open up the house and expose it to more light, as compared to darker colors that may make your house look gloomy.

Regardless of the size of your house, there are many ways to create more room, and to make your apartment look a lot larger and brighter. The bottom line is to feel comfortable in your own home, and make the necessary adjustments if you find yourself frantically looking for more storage space for your belongings. If you need tips on what kind of furniture to get or the type of furniture styles to explore, don’t be afraid to do your own research before going shopping. Seemingly simple things like shelves and a bathroom sink may seem easy to buy, but choosing the right one will change the overall aesthetic and space of your house; so be mindful of the type of furniture that you buy!

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