Tips to Buy Gold jewelry in Qatar

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Who doesn’t love Gold? Everyone likes it and wants it. Gold shopping is one of the best shopping you do happily whether for some occasion or gifting someone or for the sake of some ceremony.

It is a precious metal and its shine and spark attract everyone especially women. It is durable and it will last for a very long time if kept with love and care because it is highly expensive. 

The prices fluctuate and vary a lot! It depends on its rate in terms of weight or karat and depends on the place where you are purchasing it from. Gold is a good investment and if bought properly from a good place keeping some tips and points in mind will make you experience a memorable one.


01-Research and understand the calculations of karat and its effect on prices when rate fluctuates: Measurement of gold is done in terms of Karat. The purest form of gold is of 24 karats.

Gold in its original form is soft that in order to give it a proper form and shape it needs to be mixed with some base metals such as copper, nickel, zinc, etc. The higher the karat the more expensive it is so mostly gold ornaments are made of 18, 20 or 22 karat gold.

02-Get to know the Karat hallmarks: There are special marks on the inside of the gold jewelry or piece usually indicating the weight or karat, for example, 10k indicating 10 karats. These are stamp marks basically that one should be familiar with.

03-The grams of gold affecting the price of gold and its durability: The higher the weight in grams the more expensive the gold thing gets. Most commonly it’s weighed in grams only. Thick bangles and ring circumference helps maintain the durability and prevents from bending, keeping it in firm shape.

Mind it high karat in form of rings or bracelet might result in damage because of softness. Get it in 16 or 18 karats. Keep in mind the jewelry is not pure gold instead of its gold coating over the metal.

Gold weight machines are always present in shops; use them to make sure of the weight.

04-Keep the color of your gold jewelry in mind: There are various colors in gold as well. White gold is also one of the favorites. Most common is yellow color but there are different shades of it as well.

05-Different designs and jewelry pieces: There are various jewelry shops and stores on every other street but good designs and stuff can also be bought through online stores or pawn shops.

06-Make sure you get the authentication certificate and know the exchange policy: You might not like it when you return home and find out that there is a size issue.

Whatever that is just to save you from hassle always inquire beforehand about the exchange or return policy. Also, get a proof that the gold is pure and original in form of authentication certificate

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