Tips for Creating a Customized Photo Book

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Tips for Creating a Customized Photo Book

Although the digital world offers a variety of options for storing photos, none of them can beat the power of printed photos. Your computer may be storing hundreds of photos, but chances are that you forget about them as soon as you have saved them. A photo book is one of the most preferred ways of preserving photos. Besides, creating customized photo books is fun and straightforward, especially if you are using Mixbook. If you are thinking of creating a custom photo book in style, below are some of the tips you can count on to create a photo book that everyone will admire.

Choose the Right Platform

The success of your project will significantly depend on the platform on which you are going to be working. Although there are many online photo book makers that promise great results, very few of them have what it takes to deliver. If you are looking for the most appropriate platform to create your customized photo book, then Mixbook is the answer. Mixbook is known for user-friendly software programs that can be used by photo book designers of all levels of experience. Besides, their customer service is great, and you can always ask for assistance if need be.


Use High-Quality Photos

Your photo book is going to look as good as your photos. Therefore, for you to create a high-quality photo book, you also need high-quality photos. If your photos are of poor quality, you will end up with a photo book full of blurred pictures. For the best results, use images with high resolution. If you are using Mixbook, it is recommended that your photos be at least 4 MB at 300 DPI. If you use photos with lower resolution, your printed photo book may not look nice.

Tell a Story

If you want to make your photo book unique, then it is advisable to tell a unique story. People love stories, and they are going to like your photo book if it will tell them a story. To do that, you can arrange your photos in a chronological manner. For instance, if you want to make a photo book about your baby's first year, the images should be arranged in such a way that they can show how the baby has been growing. You can also make use of text to make your story more vivid. However, the use of text should be minimized. No one is going to enjoy reading large blocks of text on a photo book.

Choose and Elegant Cover

Of course, a photo book is going to say a lot about your style as an individual, and therefore, people might judge you or even your photo book just by the cover. Although choosing a leather cover or a hardcover can slightly increase the cost of your photo book, it is going to be worth every penny, especially if you want your photo book to have more luxe.

The Takeaway

Overall, it is clear that a photo book is one of the best ways of preserving photos. It is also apparent that if you are planning to create customized photo books, Mixbook is the best platform to use irrespective of your level of experience. In addition to having great software programs, Mixbook has a responsive customer service willing to help you to work smoothly.