This Single Visa Can Take You to 42 Countries!

  • 1 year ago
This Single Visa Can Take You to 42 Countries!

Schengen Agreement is one landmark treaty that changed the nature we travel in an unprecedented way. When the Agreement came into force in 1995, seven European countries opened their borders to the nationals of these countries by exempting them from internal border checks. Schengen Area now comprises of 26 European countries. Five more are in the process of joining the Agreement. It covers most of Europe with a major exception of United Kingdom. 

It is not just the citizens of these 26 countries who enjoy free movement in the Schengen Area. With a Schengen Visa in your possession, you can travel through this Area as in a single country even if you don’t belong to this Area. Moreover, there’s a bonus benefit as certain countries allow travelers to enter on a Schengen Visa instead of their national visas. 

Countries in Schengen Area 

• Austria

• Belgium

• Czech Republic

• Denmark

• Estonia

• Finland

• France

• Germany

• Greece

• Hungary

• Iceland

• Italy

• Latvia

• Lithuania

• Luxembourg

• Malta

• Netherlands

• Norway

• Poland

• Portugal

• Slovakia

• Slovenia

• Spain

• Sweden

• Switzerland

• Liechtenstein 

Among these, except for Norway, Iceland, Switzerland and Lichtenstein, all are part of European Union. Romania, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus and Ireland will sign the Agreement soon and join these 26 countries. 

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