Things to Consider When Creating a Website

  • 7 months   ago
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 When making a website, there are several reasons for making it, and a couple of things to keep in mind. The site someone makes to sell a product will look different from someone’s blog, even though both serve to inform the reader.

This article will focus on the name, presentation, purpose, and use of keywords on a website. The hope is by applying some of these techniques; you’ll boost not only traffic but also the amount of time people spend on your site.


The Name

When creating the name of the website, use the KISS method, and keep it simple. This is done because when people are typing it in, they want a site that has a short name, avoids special character and numbers, and make it memorable.

We also recommend using a website that uses a common word or phrase that is searched regularly. If you do this, you will increase the amount of accidental traffic that your website receives.

Facebook is a great example of everything you should do. At one point in time, the social media platform was known as TheFacebook, but Sean Parker managed to convince Mark Zuckerberg to get rid of the article so it would be cleaner. This led to an easy to remember site with a short title.

Layout and Color

When designing a website, it’s important to coordinate the look of your website with your brand and logo. If your brand is all about minimalism, have a simple yet functional website. 

When designing a site, pages such as remind us that navigation and brand consistency are two of the biggest shortcomings people encounter while designing websites. When it comes to navigation, this is referencing the header and the footer of the page, because both are important for different reasons.

The header is important because it is the navigation tab of the page, whereas the footer serves multiple purposes. It not only allows people to reference information and different parts of the website without scrolling back up, but allows you to have the info that is important, but not worth highlighting.

Manchester City FC’s website is great for layout and color principles. City’s team color is a sky blue, and it is used as a backdrop on the header and footer section of the website. The header also features important info such as fixtures, player bios, club news, and the team store. The footer, on the other hand, is where info on the terms of use, cookie policy, the about info, and the contact us section.

Clarity of Purpose

Websites are more likely to succeed if the purpose is clearly defined. Are you using the site to inform people, to sell a product, or as a launchpad for something bigger? Once the purpose is clear, it is easier to pick things such as the content and the hosting website.

If you want to share info from your travels, for example, a blog style website like Wordpress will be great for you. You’ll be able to write various articles, include outgoing links, and photos. However, if you are trying to sell a good or service, this would be a horrible place to market your brand.

Effective Use of Keywords

In between defining your purpose and creating articles something you can do is reverse engineer how you want people to find your site. If you are relying on traffic from search engines, think about what terms people will search that have the highest probability of leading someone to your site.

Once you have this list of words, make sure to include them in your page’s content, to help boost traffic to your site. If you are writing about a variety of cooking recipes, and how to spice things up in the kitchen, think about things that people would search such as “easy recipe for          .” The blank space is the name of the dish being prepared in the recipe.

Consider and Create

When creating a website, there are a variety of things you will have to keep in mind, to not only make your website memorable but also make various parts of your website flow well together. Besides being memorable for the right reasons and flowing together, readers knowing what sort of content is on your website is as important as the aesthetics of it.