The Top Three Benefits of Pop up Banners you didn’t know about

  • 3 years   ago
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Banners have been around for a long time – in fact, they have been used for decades, and we’ve all grown up seeing them most everywhere, especially in areas with lots of pedestrians, vehicles, and foot traffic. But if you may have noticed, banners today are much more advanced than they were before – today, you can take advantage of a wider variety of banners, from PVC banners to roller banners and everything in between.

But when it comes to banners, one of the most effective, not to mention economical, is the pop up banner, also referred to as the roller banner or the roll up banner. This type of banner has several benefits under its belt, and it isn’t surprising that many companies and businesses still make extensive use of it today.

Easy assembly :

We already know that pop up banners, as their name implies, can be used in almost every scenario or situation, be it right outside your business’ door or at an important trade show or conference. But one other aspect about pop up or roller banners that makes them so popular is the fact that they don’t take too much time to assemble. In fact, they are the easiest banners to assemble yet, as you don’t need bits of string or any other piece of hardware to set them up. The banner simply ‘pops up’ – and that’s it – they are ready to be used where they are required. These banners are designed with a special system which is retractable, which means that you just have to pull the bottom of the banner upwards from its base, slide a pole in place, and the banner is ready. Since the banner is equipped with a flat, solid base and a pole, it is sturdy and will not easily fall down.


Easy transport :
Roller banners are also quite easy to transport – this is especially convenient if you use your banners regularly in trade shows, exhibitions, and conferences. Most roller banners today are light and easy to carry and can be folded away in no time. The manufacturer of the banner, such as banner specialists like Eazy Print, should even be able to provide you with a customised carry case which makes transporting the banner from one place to another a lot easier.

Durability :

Needless to say, roller or roll up banners can also last for a good long time. The material comprising the banner is tough and durable, and even the colours on the banner is not supposed to fade for a good many years. In addition, the base adds sturdiness to the entire structure and extra support. When it comes to the frame, it can be both lightweight and sturdy, as most frames that come with roller banners are made of aluminium.