The Surge In Demand For The Transformer Oil Market And Its Significance

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The global oil market has recorded a considerable growth rate over the past couple of decades. By the end of the year 2023, the transformer oil market is expected to expand with further development of renewable sources of energy. The demand and market of the transformer oil are directly dependant on the market of transformers and electrical grids.

Transformer oil is primarily used in the process of insulation in electrical transformers. The oil also finds applications as a coolant, and to help stabilize the temperatures in the transformers. The transformer is derived after treating crude oil. After distillation, the crude oil produces kerosene, petroleum jelly as well as transformer oil. This type of oil is predicted to gain popularity in the global oil market owing to the increase in the number of electrical setups across the globe. Transformer oil is preferred as it has characteristics of being chemically stable, encouraging thermal conductivity, having a minimum power loss, having considerably high electrical resistance and being dielectric.

Factors Affecting The Growth Of Transformer Oil Market 

The development of more and more number of power grids across the developing and developed countries can be identified as one of the main reasons for the increase in demand for transformer oil across the globe. Countries such as India and China are undergoing massive and aggressive urbanization and development which is leading to a rapid increase in the construction and setup of mega-scale electrical grids. The grids impregnate heavy transformers that observe the application of various types and nature of transformer oil. Additionally, an increase in the efforts towards the electrification of rural areas and cross-state electricity providing services has increased the nature and construction of futuristic transformers in developing countries. These countries are witnessing gradual power utilization which is thereby prompting the local policymakers as well as the manufacturers of transformer oil to aid in improving the current state of electricity infrastructure in developing regions.

Another reason for the increase in the financial flow in the transformer market is a rampant increase in the use of electronic commodities. Having said this, the expansion of the global population and the increase in the housing spaces, industries and powerhouses are fueling the industry growth. The related augmented energy demand is favored to influence the global trend behind the increase in the global transformer oil market. Governmental bodies in developing countries are also paying attention to more and more renewable sources of energy and this is also reflecting favorably on the market. However, as a hindrance to the present transformer oil market, price fluctuation and the availability of dry transformers is impacting the market’s growth by a slight margin.

An in-depth analysis of the various segments of the transformer oil market is done on the basis of its types, its application as well as its market region. According to the type, transformer oil can be categorized as bio-based oil, paraffin oil or as naphthenic oil and silicone oil. Currently, the naphthenic oil segment occupies the maximum share of the global transformer oil segment. Naphthenic oil is predicted to dominate the global transformer oil market in the coming years followed by paraffinic oil with an additionally good CAGR.

According to the application of transformer oils, the market can be segmented into its utility and in being used in relatively small transformers or in large transformers or in other electrical appliances. On the basis of geographical regions, the global market can be categorized into the Asia Pacific region, Europe, North America, and the Middle East & Africa. The current market of the transformer oil is the most aggressive and dominant in the Asia Pacific region and is foreseen to continue having a significant share in the coming decade. This is major because of an increase in the construction of energy grids to meet the growing energy demand in the region. The consumption of energy is rising at an alarming pace in India and China and this is positively affecting the market growth opportunities for major market players in the region.

China’s dominance in the global transformer oil market is currently one of the significant driving force in the global transformer oil industry. This is followed by North America’s share in the utility segment of the transformer oil industry. Although the market in North America produces a larger amount of transformer oil, however, the APAC countries are growing at a relatively faster rate. The leading players in the transformer oil market include San Joaquin Refining Co. Inc. (U.S.), Nynas AB (Sweden), PetroChina (China), Calumet Specialty Products Partners (U.S.) and Ergon Inc from China.


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