The easiest instruments to start playing as an adult

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It is truly never too late to learn how to play in instrument. You find children usually learn an instrument at school for sometime, usually the recorder or something similar. But what about adults? If you are thinking about trying your hand at a new instrument, there are certainly some that are easier than others.

Adults usually don’t have as much free time to dedicate towards learning a new instrument. So it is pretty important that you can learn a new instrument that is easy and you can learn songs faster and reach your goals to show off your new skills.

Have a look below at some of the easiest instruments to start playing as an adult:


Mentioned in the introduction as one of the common instruments children learn at school, the recorder is also on this list! The recorder is a wind instrument and it is perfect to start with as you don’t need to be super skilled to learn how to play. It is also a fairly cheap instrument to purchase and to carry around.

While you do need to do 3 things at once to play the recorder (fingers, tongue, breath), you don’t have to do them at a high standard in order to get a good sound. There are also a lot of beginner music books out there (as well as online tutorials), which means you don’t necessarily need to get a professional tutor.


If wind instruments aren’t your thing, then why don’t you try a string instrument! The ukulele is very easy to learn, but can be difficult to master. Unlike the typical guitar the ukulele only has 4 strings, and you can still play the same sort of songs on the smaller ukulele.

You don’t use a pick with the ukulele because the strings are softer then the typical guitar. It’s easy to learn new songs in a couple of weeks which is sure to keep you encouraged and wanting to come back and learn more. The size of the ukulele also makes it easy to carry around where ever you may go.


While drums are not the most portable instruments, they are certainly one of the easiest to learn! There are many different sizes and shapes of drums that you could go with, but it is a good idea to simply start with the typical drum set.

Drums are percussion instruments and you need to use both hands and your feet as well. There are studies to suggest that playing drums can reduce stress and frustration, which can lead to a happier life. It is important to break down the goals of learning drums into small parts so you don't get overwhelmed.


The keyboard is a smaller, electronic version of the piano. This means it is certainly more portable than the piano. One of the great things about the keyboard is that it can recreate the sounds of other instruments and even record the sound you create.

Learning how to play the keyboard has the same sort of benefits to those learning the piano. There are also a lot of beginner music books and online tutorials to help you learn in a more cost effective way. Or if you are looking, there are a lot of professionals offering their skills to teach you how to play.

The keyboard is great to play more chill out and relaxing music. If you are looking for some songs as inspiration, search for chillout radio stations, you are sure to find something to try out!