The 10 best affordable luxury appliance Brands in the US

  • 2 years   ago
The 10 best affordable luxury appliance Brands in the US

We love our homes and hence always want them to look the best. Also, every mother is into the kitchen and wants the best thing for it. But whenever the thought pops up in the mind the first place, we look is our bank. Everybody has a mindset that to change the appliances at homes actually can cost them a fortune but in reality, that is actually not much of a case. Yes, there are brands that can provide you good luxury appliances which will obviously cost you much, but every place always has packs prepared like say, gold, silver and bronze according to the price range and quality. So, you really don’t need to watch your banks before buying any functional and attractive appliance.



This is one of the most famous and innovative brands where you can get the most beautiful interiors. It is proving itself from like 1987. It has been said that its marketing strategy is one of the best in the whole industry. It is one of the expensive brands which can give you very classy and decent kinds of stuff. Although there is only one drawback that they don’t offer many colors in their appliances but yes, whichever are available, those are very pretty decent. The main strength of this brand is its professional stainless-steel cooking line and also, they upgraded their iconic range with better BTUs. Its strength is cooking but this brand has its own drawbacks too in terms of dishwasher and refrigerator.

In all, you can have a Viking kitchen in around $21,000 - $25,000.


They are the stars of appliances from like 75 years now and are popularly known for the producers of first wall oven and downdraft. If you are going to check its new refrigerator, will find a new integration now. It is also a very good and appreciated cooking brand for pro ranges, wall ovens, and induction. Also, they are into steams now. This is a very affordable brand that is being chosen by many.

In other words, you can have your Thermador kitchen in around $17,000-$22,000.


Like Thermador, it is also owned by Bosh. It is proving itself since 1681. It is a brilliant mixture of reliability, style, and technology. It is one of the finest appliances brands in the world. Also, it had convection steam over before almost every brand like Thermador, Miele, and wolf. These products are very high in technology, if you are going to have a Gaggenau kitchen, it’s going to look different from all and also you need to learn about all the appliances.

After everything, you can have a Gaggenau kitchen at around $30,000 plus.


Miele is appreciated for its amazing reliability on some of its excellent products like ovens, coffee system, dishwasher, and laundry. It ensures to make the cooking as easy as possible by giving good automatic technology in their master chef system. Also, you can avail discounts by using JCPenney coupons. They have a warming drawer with steam in their 48-inch pro range microwave.

In all, you can have a Miele kitchen in around $23,000-$27,000. 

5. WOLF:

Sub-zero took over wolf 15 years back. It actually gave the appliance industry a revolutionized cooking with double convection technology. It makes cooking easier and hence appreciated by many. Not just in terms of technology but also it shines in terms of style.

You can have the wolf or sub-zero kitchen in $24,000-$28,000.

6. LG:

LG is a South Korean originated multi-national electronic company.  They basically focused on new technology that is they targeted the wi-fi capabilities and took care of their appliances accordingly. Also, they started a new line called SKS (signature kitchen suite), which basically focuses on style, color, and design. Yes, this is known to be one of the most affordable brands in the appliance industry and famous for its pure gas convection range other than Bluestar. There is only one drawback that you can face in this brand that they only offer very few cooking appliances.


This is one of the most known brand and the affordable brand. It is being said that is famous just by its goodwill and its brand name in the whole appliance industry. It was taken over by whirlpool long back ago. It is known for its refrigerator and dishwashers mainly, as they have shined the best in terms of technology and reliability.


This is a well-known brand who took over many brands in the appliance industry like Thermador and Gaggenau. It is being said that it is the most affordable luxury brand out there and is being praised a lot. It is brand which can actually compete with the higher range brands by its style, design, and technology. Also, it is one of the most classy and reliable brands that are available. The best appliances that are there could be gas, electric slide-in range, wall ovens and cooktops.


It is famous from the very start for its electronics and television, and if I talk about appliances then it really rocks the industry by its refrigerator and laundry. It is being said that it has the most attractive and affordable products. It is proving itself from a long time but if we see Samsung now it is the best-sold brand in the U.S.  there are so many models and colors available which mainly attracts the buyers.


It is said that it is the best brand in the whirlpool family since 2008. This is the only brand that offers downdraft ranges and cooktops. They are the best in technology and also in terms of looks. They speak truly according to their price and hence covers all the products with good reliability. It is also the most popular brand that is spread in the entire U.S. as it is affordable, classy and there are a lot of varieties in appliances.

In all the brands above, it can costs to around $10,000- $30,000 but improving your home with good appliances is actually an investment. So, don’t look at your bank and improve your kitchen and feel like its an asset for you.