Six tips for improving your conversions on Instagram

  • 2 years   ago
Six tips for improving your conversions on Instagram

Instagram has long changed from being a social media platform only for sharing photos, cute pictures of your pets and brunch pictures. Today, it is a platform that promotes businesses and marketing experts to carry out their activities, and audiences are increasingly using the convenience of the platform to make purchases. 

In fact, studies continuously prove that more people on the platform are now using it to buy goods and look for services offered by various enterprises. One such study on 2,000 users on the platform revealed 74 percent of millennials, 54 percent of baby boomers and 63 percent of Gen Xers made a purchase on Instagram.



However, you need to approach Instagram with a set strategy in mind. Just because it offers great potential to boost your sales, does not mean you can open an account, post one or two photos and expect everything to go the way you light of that, how can you improve the conversion rates of your target audience and convince them to buy your service or product? Read on to find out some of those tips.

Create and use a business account

If you are using a regular account for all your business activities on Instagram, you are severely limiting the potential of your enterprise. Business accounts have many more features that regular accounts do not have. 

For instance, not only do they allow you to track information about your followers and know what they like, but they also give you features that boost your selling capabilities. An example is placing a link in your Instagram stories, which encourages the viewer to buy your products.

The standard way of redirecting Instagram users from your story to your website is swiping up. In fact, 15 top 25 percent of users that view stories will opt to swipe and follow a link, then engage with the brand’s website directly. That means you have a ton of potential new customers who can buy from you, all at a very convenient manner. 

Make sure you include a CTA though (call to action) for the user to swipe up and follow the link, since not everyone knows the feature.


Adding links to the bio section

Because Instagram is not a social media platform that allows heavy text use, you only have pictures and other forms of visual content to do the talking for you. However, the sole place you can use links and words to describe yourself is in your bio, so it is important to take advantage of it.

It remains an important way to increase conversion rates, as well as informing people where to go or what they should do. Just like including a CTA, do not assume they can immediately guess the website of your business. That will go a long way in promoting your website, let your Instagram visitors know you have a presence elsewhere, and boost your sales.

Using Instagram live

This is another excellent strategy to increase your sales and conversion rates, because it allows you to engage with Instagram audiences directly. Instead of simply showing a photo of your product, you can do a behind-the-scenes video or demonstrate how to use the product to your audience.

This can help the audience gain confidence about buying the product, and it can also encourage them to ask you questions about your process, which boosts your sales, while building trust and brand loyalty.
Operating Instagram retargeting campaigns

One of the most common mistakes many businesses make is failing to convert the users that have visited their site before and showed some interest but left without purchasing anything. The usual scenario is that these customers are lost forever – but thanks to Instagram, you can now do a retargeting campaign to get them back on track. This is done through following their activity, and showing them specific ads that encourage them to return.

This keeps your brand name in their minds, although that is not the sole benefit. You can also create ads that are highly specific to them at the most optimum time. Instead of the user abandoning your site completely, they will be encouraged to come back and purchase something that is related to the ads youhave shown them.

Increase your sharing of UGC (user generated content)

It is a good idea to connect with various Instagram influencers, because this increases conversion rates and social proof. However, if you want to build a social proof strategy that is completely free and drives sales, user generated content is the way to go.

The more you share content from your followers, the more other users will be encouraged to try out your products for themselves. For instance, you share photos of a happy customer showing off an item they bought from your store, and showing positive reviews from your customers. 

The best part about this is that those customers will appreciate greatly that you featured them on your Instagram feed, as long as you give them the proper credits. It is also a very affordable an effective method of advertising your brand, much more than traditional advertising methods.

Promoting your best content to users

The usual approach that many companies have when they want to create some content for their ads involves creating a script and then having a call to action at the end, andthe thought behind this is to create the greatest impact on their audience. However, if you are seeking to generate more impact through Instagram ads or using service to get 50 instagram followers very fast, this approach is not enough – and it will never be successful when you are trying to generate leads.

By the time you are considering doing a marketing campaign, you already know the things that make your followers and fans happy. Look through all your posts, and find the ones that sparked the best reactions from your audience, then remake them into ads to reach a wider audience.
Final thoughts
When you use Instagram well, it can become your favorite platform to generate and win sales. If you have not started the process, there is no need to keep waiting – start planning today.