Redesign your kitchen the smart way, bring home smart Utensils, Vessels & Appliances

  • 2 years   ago
Redesign your kitchen the smart way, bring home smart Utensils, Vessels & Appliances

We live & breath the technology right from incorporation of smartphones to smart television, smart homes to smart cities. The shift from a traditional function of a set up to automated and well advanced has been seen in effect in most developed countries. This adoption of new and trending technology has enabled users to transform their living room to bathroom, their kitchen to bedroom. When speaking about a smart kitchen, there are a lot of in the market which are innovative and reduces your hassle when cooking. Here is a list of options, by adding these to your kitchen you can make your kitchen smart.  

Bosch Kitchen Machine

Bosch Kitchen Machine is a multi-functioning machine which is used as ice cream maker, beater, for combing mixtures, making smoothies and so on. It is a perfect all-rounder for your kitchen. It is a multi-motive drive with Dough hook, beater and whisking attachment. It has powerful motor of 600W with a 4-speed setting. 

Chapati Maker

Chapati maker is one of the smart machines you must have on your kitchen counter. The rolling and cooking of these soft puri like roti’s is effortless. Make and serve on the table sort of a functioning. This is an electronic device and with adjustable temperature switch. Best part of the chapatti maker is that it has a non-stick plate on both the sides which makes it easy to clean.


Coffee Maker

If you are a coffee person you’d be owning a coffee maker already but have you thought of bringing home a smart coffee maker? Like the one we see in café days, these sort of coffee makers enhance the taste of your coffee to next level. A small & compact coffee maker from Philips comes with a LED power switch and is a 1.2 liter capacity which gives you 2-15 cups of coffee.

Gorejne build in single Oven

Inspired from wood burning oven Gorenje has come up with a built in oven which is useful in preparing large quantity of food. This oven has such a unique design with smartly positioned heaters which allows the user to make optimal use of the oven cum stoves.

Multi quick Juicer

Braun Multi quick juicer is a 5 in 1 juicer which comes with powerful motor which helps in powerful juice yield. It has intelligent details with integrated container. It is easy to handle and clean. It has foam separator which separates foam into a container.

Sanford Induction and Gas Stove

Sanford Induction and Gas Stove comes with a gas burner and induction cooktop which can be used in either ways. You can go for the electric one or you can go for the gas stove or you can use both. This has a touchpad for the operation for the induction stove given and is of 3500w.

Sanford Hot Plate

Hot plate is an electric stove which is operates just like the gas stove. It has an elegant design and is easy to use. So who don’t want to go for the gas stoves can go for hotplate as it will give all the perks which you will have with a standard gas stove.

Black Decker Air Fryer

Black Decker Air Fryer comes with a powerful dual fan convection system blows hot air and which circulates around the food and keeps your food hot and crispy. It comes with a 60 minutes timer and variable temperature control. The capacity of the container is 2 liters. 

The above are only a few of the products to make your kitchen smarter, there are many more innovative and smart products which makes things easier for you while cooking. Visit Qt-Souq.