Recent Boxing Situation In Qatar: The Sport That Never Fades

  • 7 months   ago
Recent Boxing Situation In Qatar: The Sport That Never Fades

A brief introduction to boxing in Qatar

According to Handerick, boxing is even just as old as ancient martial arts. In spite of its thousand-year history, boxing is just a young sport that has been popular in Qatar for several years. However, Qatari people love it.  

Although it is not widely followed and watched as much as football, boxing is still a hot topic of all ages and genders all over the country. 

If you can remember well, Qatar was the host of the 2015 AIBA World Boxing Championship, which was held at the Ali Bin Hamad Al Attiya Arena in Doha. However, they did not have the first professional team until 2016 when they debuted their Olympic boxing at the Rio Games. 

At this time, the first two professional Qatar boxers - ThulasiTharumalingam took part in the light-welterweight, and HakanErseker contended with the Bantamweight grade for men.

Nonetheless, they were eliminated by a complete knockout from the first round of 32 countries. Both of them got a bitter result of 0-3 loss in front of their rivals. 

So, what is the situation now? Is there anything different since then? Keep reading to explore.

Current professional boxing status in Qatar

At the time being, as there are not many renown tournaments being held, we cannot know much about the situation of profession Qatar boxing athletes. 

But as we can see, they still have no national boxing female athlete. Meanwhile, male boxers are not also very high ranked and get any remarkable award.

If you are looking for an admirable boxer, we can recommend Sheikh Fahad Bin Khalid Al Thani. He is a high-class professional boxing athlete and boasts of being the first man of his kind in Qatar. 

Born on 20 September 1987, this not-so-young boxer has won all of his 13 professional boxing matches. And with his invincible streak of winning, Sheikh Fahad Bin Khalid Al Thani is still continuing to raise the Qatar flag high in the pride.

Amateur boxing condition in Qatar at present

Since 2016, there have been a vast number of Qatar national amateur boxers representing the country is not only regional but also continental and world-class tournaments and games organized by the reputable Amateur International Boxing Association (AIBA).

Today, the current entry list includes a lot of prominent names in all classes of weight. 

For example, in the lower weight grade competitions, we can mention Othman Arbabi (competing in Flyweight), Abdullatif Sadiq and Adel Chakeri (competing in Featherweight), etc.

When it comes to the heavier tiers, you cannot miss the names of Mohammed Abdulla (competing in Light Welterweight), HakanNuraydin (competing in Welterweight), Alhadi Abdulla (competing in Middleweight), NabahHzam (competing in Light Heavyweight) - Bronze, Khaled Abdulrahman (competing in Heavyweight), and so on.

Many of them are talented seeds that can develop their careers even much further in the future. However, all have incredible strength, dexterity, and skills.

The future move for Qatar's boxing

As we mentioned above, in spite of its less popularity compared with football, boxing still has been attracting numerous people to attend, watch, and follow. The young generation in Qatar expresses their interest in boxing quite clearly, which is a positive sign for the future of this sport here.

There are more and more both amateur and professional boxers as well as practical training clubs all over the country. Unlike Qatar’s professional boxing, its amateur boxing development is by far more significant and potential than ever. 

Above all, we can totally believe in the future growth and dominance of boxing in Qatar!

Final Words

If you are reading this article, you must be keen on boxing and have specific knowledge of this sport. So, if you want to be an excellent boxer, why not? It is not too challenging.

Let’s improve your muscles, speed, and especially martial art skills. Even on the Internet, you can by yourself find out manythings to learn. 

What you need is simply patience and daily hard training. These will help you enhance your power and reflexes ability dramatically. For instance, Karate, Taekwondo, punches and kicks, evasion, training tools, and many more are worth trying. 

Now, thanks for reading!