Reasons Why You Should Consider Backlit Signs for Your Business

  • 1 year ago

The purpose of any business signage is to grab people’s attention. It’s an excellent means of advertising that small businesses and large multinational corporations use to boost their sales. For this reason, we see a lot of business signs everywhere we go - from a bustling street to a simple, unassuming office lobby. 

Since a lot of businesses know what signage can do, you’ll inevitably face a tough challenge in making your business signage stand out. The good thing is that there is one type of business signs that can make sure that your advertising has an engaging presence: backlit signs. 



In this article, I will explain why backlit signs are the best choice you have for your business advertising. So take a read!

Backlit Signs Provide an Element of Distinction

In choosing your business signage, you need to consider how people interact with what they see in their surroundings. 

A lot of stimuli are registered into the human brain through the five senses. However, a part of our brain called the hypothalamus does the job of filtering this flurry of stimuli to prevent our brain from becoming overloaded with information, selecting only a portion of those environmental stimuli to be processed. 

So an environmental stimulus needs to be powerful, unique, and memorable enough to get past this selective filtering. That’s why backlit signs are an effective means of advertising because they stand out as an environmental stimulus and really get the attention of those who see them. 

People will remember your brand and the message you’re trying to convey if you use backlit signs for your advertising. Aside from the attention-grabbing quality of backlit signs, they also provide an element of excellence and importance to your advertising efforts. 

It’s particularly true if there are only a few other businesses that are using illuminated signs in the area. Backlit signs suggest that your business must be something special. 

Anything Illuminated Affects Our Mood

If you want to look for scientific studies on how light affects our mood, emotions, and perceptions, you’ll surely spend a lot of your time reading a pile of them. One particular study, for instance, indicates that bright light can significantly affect positive and negative human emotions. 

Advertising experts know the importance of feelings and emotions in influencing people to buy products and services. Therefore, if light can affect our moods and emotions, then backlit signs boost the chances that people will be influenced by your brand’s message. 

Small and large businesses are aware of the persuasive powers of light, and they actively put efforts and money to use light to their advertising advantage. 

Backlit signs also highlight product qualities, architectural elements, and creates virtual spaces, affecting our feelings, thoughts, and overall perspective about a product. 

Available for Use at All Hours

Signs that are illuminated at different hours of the day can provide a lot of benefits for various reasons. 

Business signs can only be practical and functional if people can see them. So it would be useless for a business sign if it’s not illuminated or put up in a location with a surrounding light source, especially at night. 

It’s understandable that there are more people during the daytime as a majority of an area’s workforce works in a day shift. But night hours also provide an excellent opportunity for your advertising efforts. If you come to think of it, backlit signs are cost-effective because they are useful at any time of the day. 

In short, backlit signs never take a break, and there’s a likelihood that more people will recognize your brand and buy your products and services. 

One more reason why backlit signs are effective is because of sleep patterns. Do you want to know why? Well, it has something to do with alertness. 

As already mentioned, not all people are working on a daytime shift. Over 20 million Americans grind on irregular working shifts, and one-third of the Canadian workforce works during the evening shift. As a result of working late at night, people can experience disrupted circadian rhythms, abnormal sleeping patterns, and decreased levels of alertness. 

Research has shown that bright lights can boost alertness, especially during nighttime and after sleep deprivation. This is also true during daytime, although to a lesser degree. Therefore, it will be to your advantage if you utilize the power of backlit signs, such as this shieldco lobby signage, in your advertising arsenal. 


A lot of businesses and advertisers use business signage as a medium to advertise a brand and disseminate a message. Money put into a business sign that doesn’t garner much attention is money wasted. So you should make sure that it stands out. 

Backlit signs are the most effective form of business advertising today because they provide uniqueness and distinction to your advertising. Just read the reasons above to convince you to use backlit signs for your advertising efforts and make your business successful.