Reasons why Expats continue to come to Qatar

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Reasons why Expats continue to come to Qatar

Qatar, the little Middle-Eastern country has proved over the past few years that the area or size of a country does not matter when it comes to becoming successful on the global arena. Qatar attracts foreign workers from all corners of the world in thousands per month, the country has become a symbol of stability and development in the region. Today we bring you some of the reasons that make Qatar stand apart from its larger neighbours. 


A Pearl in the Desert

Qatar, the Middle Eastern Islamic country is beautiful as long as one knows what to visit. Tourism has been central to Qatar’s economy since the year of 1989. Doha is the Capital city of Qatar and one of the best tourist places in Qatar. There are lots of destinations in Doha and mostly the tourist visits Doha in the tour of Qatar. In fact, one cannot get bored as there is so much to see and so much to do in Doha. From the modern day architectural marvels such as the Corniche to the natural RasAbrouq Rock Formations Qatar has a lot to offer. 

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