Purple Island Beach - Heaven in Qatar

  • 1 year ago
Purple Island Beach - Heaven in Qatar

Al Khor Island, otherwise called Purple Island, isn't a standout amongst the most well known day trips from Doha—even some veteran Doha expats will be really confused when you get some information about it. 

Be that as it may, don't give that put you a chance to off; it's well worth visiting this left and intriguing corner of Qatar. 

In spite of its name, Purple Island is shockingly green particularly given that it is in a nation that gets under 71 mm of downpour for every year. Its rich mangrove backwoods will give an appreciated impact of green to any Doha occupant. 


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The island is arranged close Al Khor and is just a forty-minute drive from Doha. In the wake of leaving your vehicle, you will set off on your stroll along a raised pathway which drives you to the island. Either side of the pathway are the mangroves that appear to abound with life, making it an incredible nature trail for your youngsters. They will appreciate spotting fish and crabs, gathering sticks and stones and finding strange looking plants and blooms. Take a pail and an amplifying glass and let their creative ability run wild! 


Update, 30 Jan 2016: The pathway driving out to Purple Island has been pulverized. To get to the island, you should swim through 1– 3ft of water (contingent upon the tide levels) for around 500 meters. This might be troublesome with little youngsters close behind, particularly if the tide rises while you're on the island. You can watch out for the tide plan on the Qatar Meteorology Department's site, qweather.gov.qa. Remember to bring water shoes for the walk! 

Once on the island, you are back to the more commonplace rough, desert landscape of Qatar where the nature trail proceeds for your little pioneers. Here, there are a lot of climbing openings—a fantastic method for giving your children a chance to play uninhibitedly, understanding and experience limits, and practice how to survey and oversee hazard. Sprouting scientistss will likewise appreciate crunching their way more than a large number of small ocean shells underneath, choosing their top choices and chasing for fossils. 

Take an excursion cover and afterward settle down for some food by the edge of the completely clear ocean and appreciate the serenity and immaculateness of your environment. An ideal departure from the city for the entire family. 

Instructions to arrive 

• Drive to Al Khor. 

• Go through Al Khor town, following the signs to Al Thakhira (an adjacent town). At the RasGas/Industrial Area indirect, pursue the sign to Al Thakhira. 

• Continue to Al Thakhira, go past the turning for Al Khor Hospital and go past the turning for Al Khor Community. 

• After generally 2.5km from the RasGas/Industrial Area circuitous, turn right and proceed for around 5km on a black-top street. You will drive past a major water tank tower to your right side, which has a Qatargas and RasGas logo on it. 

• Pass the crossing point to your left side and proceed for 200m. Pay special mind to a little sign for the Flower Each Spring camp and in the wake of achieving this sign, turn onto the soil track. 

• Follow the firm and evident earth track. As you approach the pathway prompting the island, you will see an extensive structure to your left side. 

• After roughly 2km, you will see the beginning of the raised pathway to your right side. 

• If you have landed at the Flower Each Spring camp, you've gone excessively far! The pathway is behind you on your back right.